How to Use Your Playbook Feed


  • The Feed is where you can publish one-off workouts

  • Use the Feed to keep your audience engaged with weekly or daily workouts

  • Post all new workout content to the Feed that you will eventually move to a Category or Program

You need to understand how to continually refresh your app’s content with tools we’ve specifically designed with your success in mind. To get started, allow us to introduce you to the Feed.

What is the Feed?

Your Playbook Feed is where you can publish one-off workouts. When you upload a new one-off workout to the Feed, it will archive the 10th oldest workout. This keeps your content fresh and exciting for subscribers.

​​To better break this down visually, here’s what each content type looks like in the consumer app:

In the example above, you can see that creator Aubrie has:

  • Program: Shaped at Gym

  • Category: Core & Abs

  • Challenge: Back @ It Challenge


While Aubree has her Feed labeled “NEW WORKOUTS!,” you can label this differently if you want — some of our favorites are:

  • Workout of the Week

  • Quick Workouts

  • New Workouts

  • New Release

  • Just Dropped

Note: We’ll tell you how to customize your Feed name in the steps below!

When to Use the Feed

The Feed is ideal for fans who want unstructured content. These fans:

  • Like to pick and choose workouts

  • Are self-motivated

How to Publish Workouts to the Feed

  1. To publish workouts to your Feed, follow the steps outlined here for creating short-form workouts.

  2. Instead of publishing to a Category or Program, you’ll publish the workout to your Feed.

    Here’s what this looks like in the creator app:

Note: If you don’t have any Programs or Categories created, the Feed is the default place you initially publish workouts to. You can always republish workouts from the Feed to a Program or Category.

4 Steps to Customize the Feed

  1. Open the Playbook Creator app

  2. Under “Published” workouts, make sure your Feed is selected and click “Edit info”

  3. Click on the “Title” field to customize your Feed name

  4. Enter your customized Feed name and click “Done”

4 Best Practices for the Feed

  1. Use the Feed to keep your audience engaged — new workouts are shiny and fun for subscribers!

  2. Upload a workout of the week (or of the day, if you’re feeling ambitious!) and keep your fans on their toes.

  3. Repurpose Feed workouts to create Categories or Programs.

  4. The best way to strategically use the Feed is to post all your new workout content to it that you will eventually move to a Category or Program.

Feed Examples

If you’re still in need of inspiration, check out these great creator feed examples!

Sam Sweeney’s Daily Training

FitGurlMel’s Workout of the Week

Kayla Nielsen’s New Release

Morgan Tyler’s NEW Content