What You Need to Run a Successful Subscription Business

Starting a business takes guts — congrats on taking the leap! A subscription model is the best way to not only gain fans, but keep them around. Here’s what you need to know to run a subscription business.

What's the difference between a subscription service and a one-time purchase?

Why subscription business is best

Subscription business is the best tool for a recurring revenue stream.

Think of your business model as a mini-Netflix.

If Netflix only had a couple shows, you wouldn’t pay for a subscription. Providing a large amount of new, fresh content regularly keeps fans interested and paying. It also increases the likelihood that they recommend you to friends — giving you even more subscriptions and more money.

How do I create the best subscription business?

We’re here to help you! We provide everything you need. There are 3 big factors that will help you succeed: tech, content strategy, and community.


  • An aesthetically-pleasing, easy-to-use app

  • Clear instructions to help you create content (you’re right in the middle!)

  • Monthly product updates for the ultimate user experience

(pssst...we give you ALL of this!)

Content strategy:

  • Fresh, consistent content

  • A variety of workout styles and templates

  • Effective marketing to sell your product

Check out our training content to learn what and how to post.


  • Clear communication with subscribers through our in-app messaging feature

  • Reposting fans on social media to encourage community

Need more ideas to build community? Playbook’s got you covered.

Now that you’re stoked to dive into your subscription business head first, let’s get moving.

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