You Need 5 Workouts to Go Live — Here's Your Game Plan

You’ve learned a lot so far. We’ve reviewed:

Like everything, creating workouts takes practice. By the time you’ve created five (which is how many you need to go live), you’ll be a pro!

Before you begin filming, take a few minutes to brainstorm. Create a list of workouts you want to do, as well as the specifics within each workout. This way you won’t forget all your brilliant ideas! Trust us — making a workout list is VERY helpful.

We want to help you brainstorm, so your first videos lay a foundation you can build upon.

Brainstorm short-form videos

Short-form videos need to be 60 seconds or less, meaning you’ll be using a single exercise or circuit template. Think about what you want to convey in a shorter amount of time — this is a great way to focus on one specific movement at a time, including tips on form and functionality.

Remember, short-form videos are more geared towards the gym fans we talked about earlier. You want these to be clear and concise, easily fitting into someone’s normal gym routine. Here are some initial ideas:

  • Bench press

  • Deadlift

  • Squat

  • Pushup

  • Plank

What exercises do you find yourself constantly correcting a client’s form on? Start with those!

Brainstorm long-form videos

Long-form videos are any video longer than 45 seconds. This means you’ll be using the Class workout template (need a reminder on what this means? Check this out). Long-form videos are usually catering toward the class fans on Playbook. Here are some examples to get you started

  • 15-Minute Yoga for Beginners

  • 30-Minute Pilates Ab Blaster

  • Meditation for Your Lunch Break

  • 5k Interval Training

Timing is key

As a creator, we know you’re well-versed in your area of expertise. But if the idea of creating content on an app is new to you (and maybe slightly intimidating), we want to make sure we’re giving you all the guidance you need. Timing for workouts is super important. Here’s some advice to follow:

  • Body part-focused exercise: 15-20 minutes total

  • Yoga & pilates: 25 minutes total

  • Quick HIIT (upper body): 10 minutes total

  • Quick HIIT (lower body): 20 minutes total

  • Full body workout: 30 minutes total

  • Mobility training: 10-20 minutes total

As you get more well-versed in the app and dive into what your audience wants, you’ll pick up on timing for the new workouts you post.

Now that you have this info you should create a list of what to film.

Second step is to actually film and upload the videos on the app. Learn how to upload workouts here. Get tips for filming workouts here.

(Need a refresh? Understand what a feed is here and how to use categories here.)

Film a little extra

When filming your workouts it’s always a great idea to film extra content — an additional workout move, a look behind the scenes, a health or workout tip. It’s also a good idea to take some pictures while you’re doing it (maybe a sweaty selfie afterwards). While you won’t put this info in your uploaded workouts, you can save it to use as sneak peeks when marketing your app. More on that later, but If you want to skip ahead click here.

Next Step: The Best Practices for Filming Your Workout Videos