Your First 5 Workouts: Tips for What to Post

Before you can go live on the Playbook platform you need to create five workouts. This helps establish your channel to give subscribers access to content on day 1 and it’s also great material to use when you’re marketing and pre-selling to your audience to get people to sign up for Playbook.

We want to help you brainstorm, so here are some quick tips to help you get started.

Structure your workout into a program

We recommend that your first five workouts are presented in a linear fashion (Monday-Friday) and packaged as a program.

First step is to pick an idea for the program and give it a good title. Think about what you specialize in and the kind of workouts you want to focus on your channel.

Some examples of program names:

  • 20min Bodyweight Circuit — Get Ripped!

  • 15min Morning Yoga

  • CrossFit Challenge

  • All About the Back

  • 5 Day Abs Challenge

  • 15mins to Mindfulness

  • Prenatal Circuit

  • Summer Booty Series

  • Weekday Couch Workout

  • Toned in 10

  • Yoga Flow to De-Stress

Second step is to actually build the program on the app. Learn how to add exercises to a program here.

  • Introduction video: Make sure it’s energetic, introduces the program, and gets your subscribers excited to workout with you.

  • FAQ section: The FAQ section is meant to educate the user on exactly how to execute your workouts. Here you should detail who the workout is best suited for, any equipment needed, frequency of workouts, etc.

Should I use single exercise, circuit, or YouTube template?

Now that you’ve established the type of content you’ll be creating for these first workouts, you have to actually film and upload them. What are the best practices?

  • Single exercise: These are short-form videos (60-90 secs or less) of single exercises.
    • For example: You could demonstrate how to do a chest workout move with proper form. You can detail in the app how many reps, duration, and rest periods.

  • Circuit: You can add multiple single exercises together to build a circuit.

  • YouTube: If you have a long-form video (more than 2 mins) you’ll need to upload it to YouTube first and then place the video link into the app. Long-form videos are best for continuous movement and exercises (think: yoga, meditation, tutorials, etc.).

  • Treadmill

Timing is key

As a creator, we know you’re well-versed in your area of expertise. But if the idea of creating content on an app is new to you (and maybe slightly intimidating), we want to make sure we’re giving you all the guidance you need. Timing for workouts is super important. Here’s some advice to follow:

  • Body part-focused exercise: 15-20mins total

  • Yoga & pilates: 25mins total

  • Quick HITT (upper body): 10mins total

  • Quick HITT (lower body): 20mins total

  • Full body workout: 30mins total

  • Mobility training: 10-20mins total

As you get more well-versed in the app and dive into what your audience wants you’ll pick up on timing for the new workouts you post.

Templates & tools to help

Long-form video template

Short-form video template

Exercise description library: Make sure you’re explaining exercises in an easy way. Get inspiration from our description library (just Ctrl + F or Command + F on your keyboard to search for keywords).

A quick note about pre-selling

Once you create your five workouts we will connect with you about a launch date. It’s very important to remember that you need to pre-sell your launch on the app (psst, you can find a complete guide here). It takes about 10-15 individual impressions on a user before they think about purchasing a product. Make videos and written posts for your social channels teasing a big announcement, talking about the app, asking users what workouts they want to see, etc.

Keep the idea of pre-selling in mind as your building your first program of five workouts. You might want to record a little extra or take some more pictures to use specifically for pre-sale strategy.