Your Playbook Launch Day Checklist

You’ve done the work and it’s finally time to launch your Playbook app! YAY! But before you break out the party hats, let’s make sure you’ve finished all the necessary steps for a successful launch.

Step 1: Complete profile

Read through each section of your profile one more time. This is where fans really get to know you — first impressions are important! If you need help, check out our deep dive on how to make your profile shine here.

Step 2: Set up banking

Launching your channel means you can actually start getting paid! Don’t forget to set up your banking for easy payments each month.

Still need help connecting your account? No sweat, we show you how to here.

Step 3: Five workouts uploaded

No launch day is complete without content — all five workouts should be uploaded by now. If you need help brainstorming workouts, we’ve got you covered here.

Step 4: Content calendar & pre-selling

Pre-selling your launch means your fans are excited and ready to subscribe to your channel. You should be pre-selling for 4 weeks before launching.

  • Learn why you need to pre-sell here.

  • Make a pre-selling game plan here.

  • Check out the best pre-selling practices here.

Step 5: Get excited!

You’re doing it! It’s time to celebrate your online business and get to know your fans. Ready, set, launch! Click your “Go Live” button and celebrate your amazing new app.

Next Step: LAUNCH!!!