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Smart & efficient practice to make you the best

  • What's inside

    Drills designed for you

    My app will not be loaded with swing tips, but instead actionable drills, routines, and programs to help you become a more complete & better player. I want to help you think better, practice smarter, and manage yourself around the course with more confidence... ultimately breaking through the plateaus you are hitting with your game.

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  • Nutrition guides

    What's inside

    Nutrition guides

    A healthy body starts on the inside. Get the most out of your training with complimentary nutrition plans and recipes.

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  • Coaching & community

    What's inside

    Coaching & community

    • Ask me questions directly

    • Share your success with me

    • Tell me what content you want to see

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  • Bonus features to help you succeed

    What's inside

    Bonus features to help you succeed

    Shop my favorite golf gear, listen to curated playlists while on the course, and much more!

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  • Exclusive programs

    Putting Drills

    • Start your golf journey here with the best putting drills

    • Get confident & begin to see a difference in your game

    • Try these drills anywhere you can play golf

  • Exclusive programs


    • Here I will upload short stretches to do before playing

    • Warm up your body & play your best

    • All fitness levels welcome

  • Exclusive programs

    SMART Goal Setting

    • Your ultimate golf goal setting course!

    • Learn what S.M.A.R.T goals are & how to set your own

    • Set yourself up for success & achieve your goals

  • Exclusive programs

    Alignment Sticks

    • High-level, effective drills used by the pros

    • Learn how to start with your golf ball in line & successfully swing through

    • Gain confidence on the course

I'm Andrew, and this is my story

My name is Andrew Jensen and I'm a (semi) retired touring professional. I've played all over the world on Tours big and small, and I want to use my experience to help you play better golf.

After a decade-long lackluster career, I transitioned into the YouTube world and have since found my full-time role in the game of golf. Through documenting my professional journey, I've tapped into a desire to coach golfers to incredible results and milestones. Using my experience and approach to the game, I've helped golfers break 100, 90, 80, or 70 for the first time... and I can't wait to help YOU do the same!

Membership perks

  • Stay motivated

    I post new workouts regularly so you can stay motivated and accountable. With all my offerings, you'll never get bored of your workout routine.

  • Easy-to-follow videos

    Know you're training the right way with my easy-to-follow videos and simple instructions.

  • Community

    Join my community to share your fitness journey, stay accountable, and connect with others.

  • Nutrition made simple

    Learn exactly what to eat when, get grocery lists, and find out the foods that will keep you fueled and energized.

  • Workout programs

    My workout programs are made for all fitness levels to help you achieve your goals.

  • Talk to me

    Message me directly in the app to ask me any questions you may have and request your favorite content.

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Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive offers & workout tips

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