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  • Programs designed for you

    What's inside

    Programs designed for you

    I want to make quality training programs accessible for all swimmers. Train like the pros with my personal swim workouts modified for every level, plus Dryland and Gym training to help you get that swimmers body you’ve always wanted.

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    What's inside

    Coaching & community

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    What's inside

    Bonus features to help you succeed

    • Swim like a pro with my step-by-step Freestyle Mastery system
    • Nutrition guide for swimmers to fuel & recover, burn fat and build muscle like a pro athlete
    • Exclusive discounts on Finis swimming gear and equipment
    • Exclusive deals on Apollo Neuro, Supplements, and more
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  • Exclusive programs

    My First 1000m

    • Best place to start if you're new to swimming

    • Build aerobic base

    • 2 week progressive program to get you from zero to hero

  • Exclusive programs

    Daily Swims

    • New workouts for all types of swimmers uploaded weekly to keep you motivated

    • Choose your distance and type of workout

    • Increase your speed and endurance, burn fat and tone muscle

  • Exclusive programs

    Gym Training

    • Gym-based workouts

    • Designed to get you stronger out of the water to make you stronger in the water

    • Get that "Swimmer's Body" that you've always wanted

  • Exclusive programs

    Finis Slide Dryland

    • Workouts designed for use with the Finis Slide Dryland Trainers

    • Train like a swimmer even without a pool

    • Increase strength & endurance and burn fat

I'm Brent, and this is my story

I'm Brent, and this is my story

Don't let the 4x Olympian title fool you. I failed swimming lessons...twice! If failure taught me anything, it was to understand that success was not was earned.

In my journey, I went from a floundering summer club swimmer, to representing Canada at 3 Olympics, an Olympic Bronze Medal, a World Championship Title (plus 1 silver and 3 bronze), 33 National titles, 6 Canadian Records, and 2 World Records.

Unfortunately, depression took it's toll, and coupled with chronic back spasms, I retired from swimming immediately following my Olympic Bronze medal in 2012. I used to swim 9x every single week. Over the course of 7 years after I retired, I swam less than that in total.

Come to the summer of 2019, while my wife and I were visiting her home country Lebanon, we decided we wanted to film the Freestyle Mastery system that we had developed and had been teaching to swimmers in small clubs all over Canada. The results were so great and the system so simple, we wanted to make it available to swimmers all over the world. So we found a magical pool located on a mountainside which looked down the valley towards the Mediterranean, and we began filming. I say this was a magical pool, because something magical happened. I began to rediscover my relationship and love for the water again. And even though I had been out of the water for 7 years, it didn't feel like it at all.

And with only 1 year until the Tokyo Olympics, at the age of 35, I decided to come out of retirement and try to do something no other swimmer in history had done before. Qualify with less than a year of training. It only took 6 months. At my 2nd meet, I swam under the Olympic qualifying time in the 50m free. Then in Tokyo, leading off our 4x100m Freestyle relay, I led off in a time of 47.99 seconds, and at the age of 37, became the OLDEST SWIMMER IN HISTORY to break 48 seconds.

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