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Limited time only: Sign up for my app & get the first month for $1

Limited time only: Sign up for my app & get the first month for $1

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Building Strong, Confident Women

What's inside the app

  • Workouts designed for you


    Workouts designed for you

    My programs are designed to empower you in that incredible body of yours, helping you appreciate exactly what you’re capable of so you can start building that confidence you have always deserved!

  • Easy-to-follow exercise videos


    Easy-to-follow exercise videos

    You can work out with my support in the comfort of your own home or in the gym, with helpful instructions and tips to preform the movements correctly!

Membership Perks

  • Daily motivation

    You will receive messages and videos from me to support you through your programme, empowering you to know your best is always enough!

  • Easy-to-follow videos

    I’ve created videos that are simple to follow with the education and knowledge you need behind the movements!

  • Spotify Playlist

    I’ve put together some playlists that will not only motivate you in your sessions but help you keep your focus on you and what you’re doing, instead of everyone around you!

  • Work out programmes

    My programmes are designed for all fitness levels and progression, helping you build confidence with weights, in the movements and most importantly within yourself!

  • Insights

    Every month there will helpful insights and resources covering topics from gym anxieties to body image and other struggles you might face during the programme!

  • Talk to me

    My support is always there when you need it, you can message me directly on the App for any help or advice you need!

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