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What's Inside the App

  • Programs designed for you

    What's inside

    Programs designed for you

    In the app, you will find workouts updated weekly that are smartly designed to drive results and enhance your overall quality of life.

    Our programs can be done anywhere — a simple gym with free weights, kettlebells, bands, cables, and minimal or no equipment will cover a majority of our training offerings.

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  • Coaching & community

    What's inside

    Coaching & community

    • Ask us questions directly

    • Share your success with us

    • Tell us what content you want to see

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  • Exclusive programs

    Strong Athlete Forever

    • Training meant to increase maximum strength

    • Weekly Updates to avoid plateau

    • Lifting heavy weights that translates to real-world strength

  • Exclusive programs

    Explosive Athlete

    • Training translates to real athleticism

    • Updated weekly so your progress never stops

    • Focused on increasing explosiveness and power

  • Exclusive programs

    Jacked Athlete Forever

    • Workouts that build muscle

    • Creates a toned, muscular, athletic build

    • Frequent updates so your progress never stops

  • Exclusive programs

    Fast Athlete Forever

    • Training that increases sprinting speed and agility

    • Addresses change of speed, acceleration, and top end quickness

    • Program adjusted weekly to keep you motivated

Come join the Heath Fit Fam!

  • Overall Improvement

    I have been doing the athlete forever program for about six months. Going into the program I had hit plateaus and was struggling with motivation to push through. After the first week of the program I had my motivation back! Haden and Camille incorporate movements that I had never done/seen before which not only have helped improve motivation but have improved overall strength, flexibility and performance. I have hit PRs in back and front squat, bench and deadlift. I have gained muscle while improving flexibility and decreasing body aches. I have loved athlete forever and highly recommend.

    Tanner G.
  • Feeling strong and seeing results

    I started my program with Heath Fit about 2 months ago and I was 6 weeks postpartum. After being consistent for almost 2 months I am seeing results on the scale and also feel myself getting stronger! They provide educational videos as well about fitness and nutrition which I find very helpful. I feel a renewed excitement to get healthy and fit again!

    Sarah R.
  • Promoted overall health

    My goal for this program was to improve my explosiveness, but I didn't realize how much it would help my overall health. I had issues with tightness, inflexibility, and sore joints for a long time. The program has helped me in all of these areas. It really humbled me because I've been working out for a long time and didn't think there was much I could learn about working out I didn't already know. I was wrong! There are tons of exercises I've never seen performed that keep things fresh and interesting. There are videos for each exercise that explain the correct form and why the exercise is beneficial and applicable. The app is also really convenient for logging and tracking my progress. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

    Brantly T.
  • Get help doing what you love!

    Doing a workout program with Heath Fit was the best thing I did for myself this year. They were encouraging, supportive, and answered all of my questions. What I tried for years to achieve alone, they helped me achieve in months, and set me on a fitness path that will be lasting. I highly recommend Haden and Camille, they are great at what they do.

    Kristi F.
  • Accomplishing Goals

    I have had nothing but great experiences with this program. I'm only 6 weeks in and am already seeing differences in my energy levels, my confidence, my physique, really everywhere! I have tried so many different ways to get back into shape and start feeling healthy again, but nothing has given me better results than Heath Fit. When I started this program I could barely curl 10lbs.. but now I'm starting to get multiple reps in with 15lbs. As far as nutrition goes... I had no idea what I was doing. I grew up playing sports and was able to eat whatever I wanted.. that's not so much the case anymore. They have helped create a nutrition plan that is easy to follow and they have helped me understand the "why" behind everything and give great ideas of what to eat. These guys really know how to help you reach your goals and become healthier.

    Kassidy D.

    The energy they put into you & how they make you feel is amazing!

    Sophie F.
  • I feel like myself again!

    I've played college sports, but that was now a blessing and a curse. I was never taught how to eat when I'm not playing sports. That was a huge learning curve for me after retirement. I just wanted to feel like myself and Haden and Camille were able to hold me accountable and make that happen! I definitely wasn't perfect through the entire program but I was still able to get more out of it then I thought I would! I still have work to do, but they absolutely put me on the right track and gave me the tools to do so! I'm healthier, stronger and in better shape cardiovascularly than I was in college! 10/10 recommend!

    Haley J.
  • These guys are the best!

    Haden and Camille pass no judgement and make you feel completely comfortable no matter where you're at in your fitness journey!

    Kennedy H.
  • Great Program

    I will be continuing to use them and I would recommend them to a friend.

    Jon H.
  • Personal and Accommodating Workouts

    Camille and Haden have been nothing BUT AMAZING! Whenever there are questions about the workouts, nutrition planning, or lifestyle changes they are always quick to answer back and help accommodate to certain changes! Also, for the Athlete Again Program, has variety and new exercises in there to practice mobility and balance- things I didn't really know I needed work on until then! The program is only four workouts a week and less than thirty minutes each- something just about everyone can adjust into their schedules.

    Laryn W.
  • Keeps you motivated

    I was really struggling to be motivated to workout before starting this program. Having direction of exactly what to do each workout has been excellent at motivating me and helping me exercise consistently. It's nice to know that someone who knows what they are doing is giving me direction with what exercises to do to get the results I want. I'm only 6 weeks in and already noticing increased strength and some increased muscle mass. Excited to see where I'll be in another 6 weeks. If you are on the fence about this, do it!

    Blake E.
  • Great Results

    I have tried for years to gain strength and lose weight. I've lost over 30 lbs and I'm down 3 sizes in clothes. I love how I am feeling stronger and also have more energy. I actually enjoy my exercise time with weights and strength training. My son wants to gain muscle weight for athletics and has just started a program with them. I tell everyone I know about their program and gladly recommend Camille and Haden for any of your exercise and nutrition needs!!

    Nancy G.
  • Fast and Effective

    I am on week 3 of an 8 week fitness program. Both my husband and I have loved the setup of weight, reps, and types of exercises. It has made going to the gym much easier too because it is a very great whole body workout but is able to be finished in a shorter amount of time. Just in the three weeks I have seen my strength increase way more than I thought it could!

    Paige H.
  • Improved strength & energy

    Ultimately I wanted to feel better and improve my overall health. My Heath Fit program is exactly what I needed to get me on the path to a healthier way of life.

    Tara H.
  • Progress

    I'm 3 months into it and I have been very impressed with the progress that I've seen with my health. I'm leaner, stronger and more confident. Keep up the great work Heath Fit.

    Josh J.
  • No more chronic back pain!

    I looked into finding a new workout routine mainly because I had been having chronic back pain due to my occupation (dentist). Within a couple of months, I was feeling great and started also seeing great improvements in my overall strength and endurance. I love the change-up in routine. It keeps me engaged and motivated to push through the days where I want to be lazy. I highly recommend Heath Fit!

    Eric N.
We are Heath Fit and this is our story

We are Heath Fit and this is our story

“I’ve been an athlete from my little tike’s basketball hoop all the way to the day my college football career ended. All of a sudden, everything changed. I didn’t have daily practice, lifting, and conditioning. I had new priorities taking over that time.

It took a couple years to realize that I had let my health take a back seat and I decided to make my health and strength a priority again. I had learned a lot from my athletic career, so I wrote a program and committed to consistent hard work. I had a purpose to work out again. I was working towards goals.

I continued to improve my training program leading to continual progress. My consistency, with proper programming has led to me feeling strong, healthy, and lean… Like an athlete again. Now I continue to train so that I can feel like an athlete forever!”
- Haden

“I grew up in a family that loved sports. I began playing soccer at a very young age and it quickly consumed most of my time.

By the end of my college career, I was starting to burn out. Shortly after my last season, I got pregnant with our first. I continued to stay active throughout my entire pregnancy, which was a huge blessing, but I felt like something was missing from my life after I gave birth to her. I didn’t feel like myself.

I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I had pretty bad postpartum depression. We lived in a basement apartment and as fall turned to winter the days shortened and I couldn’t get myself outside and moving.

Once spring rolled around I was able to make a change. I didn’t want to lose my health and fitness that had been so important to me just because I started having kids.

Haden and I started writing lifting programs together and would go on morning runs before he went to school and I started to feel like myself again! It was training that pulled me out of depression and helped me feel like myself again. I’ve learned how to prioritize my health and have had two more kids while maintaining my fitness!”
- Camille

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