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Hi! I’m Heidi.

I’m your personal trainer who wants to take you from Instagram inspiration to ACTION. Fitness is always more fun with friends!

  • Full Body Strength background
  • Upper Body Blast background
  • Barre Program background
  • Core Finisher background
  • Exclusive programs

    Full Body Strength

    • Guided workouts provided with weekly programming

    • Increase your strength and muscle endurance in less than 30 minutes

    • Only dumbbells are needed with many equipment-free alternatives offered

    • All levels are welcome! Options provided for everyone to feel successful

  • Exclusive programs

    Upper Body Blast

    • Grow stronger with me one rep at a time every ARM DAY

    • Train Biceps, Shoulders, Triceps, Chest, and Back from every angle for a 360-degree transformation

    • Set aside 15 minutes for stronger arms

    • Only Dumbbells are required with proper weight choice recommendations provided

  • Exclusive programs

    Barre Program

    • Leave no muscle behind in my Barre Class - a pure fusion of barre, pilates, and yoga

    • Build muscle endurance as we play with range and repetition with exercise to increase flexibility, dynamic balance, and strength

    • Elevate your heart rate with cardio options provided for all ages and abilities.

    • No dance experience required

  • Exclusive programs

    Core Finisher

    • Pilates-based workouts to strengthen your core from the inside out

    • More than crunches - hit your core from every angle

    • 15-minute segments allow you to integrate core options into your busy schedules

You’ve seen my workouts on Instagram

Now follow along with my full workouts through guided ON DEMAND class and detailed weekly programming.

Hi! I'm Heidi and this is my story

Hi! I'm Heidi and this is my story

I can’t wait to bring my workouts to you all over the globe! I currently teach group fitness and small group training in the Washington DC suburbs. I also present for Savvier Fitness as a Barre Above Program Specialist. I'm living my mission to build community wherever you are!

My fitness journey began in college as an instructor at Temple University. Over the years, my love for teaching fitness has carried me across three states and countless gyms and studios. My forte is building community wherever I am planted.

In addition to AFAA Group Fitness and ACE Personal Training certifications, I am also uniquely equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. I'm passionate about creating music-driven classes that create motivating and unforgettable experiences.

My goal with my Playbook channel is to offer efficient, accessible, and FUN workouts to meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey.

What's inside the app

  • Programs designed for you

    What's inside

    Programs designed for you

    All workouts and programs are designed to help you build muscle and gain strength with minimal equipment. Join me for leg day, arm day, core and everything in between. Plus, there are BONUS workouts and stretches to enhance your daily routine.

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  • Coaching & community

    What's inside

    Coaching & community

    • Ask me questions directly

    • Share your success with me

    • Tell me what content you want to see

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  • Stay motivated

    I post new workouts regularly so you can stay motivated and accountable. With all my offerings, you'll always have something new!

  • Easy-to-follow videos

    Know you're training the right way with my easy-to-follow videos and simple instructions.

  • Community

    Join my community to share your fitness journey, stay accountable, and connect with others.

  • Nutrition made simple

    Learn exactly what to eat when, get grocery lists, and find out the foods that will keep you fueled and energized.

  • Workout programs

    My workout programs are made for all fitness levels to help you achieve your goals.

  • Talk to me

    Message me directly in the app to ask me any questions you may have and request your favorite content.

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Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive offers & workout tips

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