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Develop DEADLY Scoring Moves and Tactics with ILB Elite!

Develop DEADLY Scoring Moves and Tactics with ILB Elite!

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What's inside the app

  • Serious Workouts for SERIOUS Players


    Serious Workouts for SERIOUS Players

    ILB Elite Workouts are developed by elite NBA Coaches and Trainers who have carefully designed programs that work for ALL skill levels and ages. With our proprietary “Skill Pack” designs, you’ll get mix and match workout programs to build your perfect training system based on your needs as a players. No one knows your game better than you do, and ILB Elite finally gives you the ability to deepen your bag with pinpoint accuracy by finally focusing on the areas of your game that truly matter.

  • NBA Moves, Skills, and Strategy in your Pocket


    NBA Moves, Skills, and Strategy in your Pocket

    Our ILB ELITE trainers work with some of the NBA’s top talent. By working with the best of the best, our trainers pull out the skills, moves, and techniques that work at the NBA level and work to install them into YOUR game. Our easy to follow, step by step workouts give you a “paint by numbers” approach to improving your game!

Membership Perks

  • Daily Workouts

    Our coaches give you workouts and drills you can do as daily workouts. With a combination of workouts, drills, moves, and techniques, you always have something new to work on.

  • Easy-to-Follow Videos

    Our videos are custom shot and edited for your phone, giving you the best possible experience and support in your pocket. You’re now just one click away from NBA level training.

  • Community

    Our growing community on Instagram allows you to share workouts, drills, and support each other as you work on your game. Our coaches get involved and will give feedback on player training!

  • Skill Packs

    Our proprietary Skill Packs are single hour workouts that are skill focused. You can double down on skill packs to really install a specific skill, or mix and match Skill Packs to build the perfect training program for your game.

  • Full Training Systems

    Our complete training guides and systems give you an A to Z approach to developing your game. You’ll discover the what, why, and how of given areas of importance. This month, you’ll get instant access to a COMPLETE Nutrition Guide that will deliver an easy to follow plan to fuel your body for success.

  • 100’s of coaches and experts

    As part of the Playbook network, your membership today unlocks 100s of trainers, coaches, and experts across dozens of skillsets, sports, and industries. Nutrition, fitness, weight lifting, basketball training, and more!

Unlock Instant Access To ILB Elite for just $1

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