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    • Programs, including The Fit Yogi Trainer, for a structured routine

    • 100+ different workouts

    • High impact, low impact, no impact - something for everyone.

    • Modifications for all levels

    • Home workouts that can be done anywhere, with little-to-no equipment

    • Gym workouts

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  • Inside my app


    • Tons of yoga flows that vary in difficulty & style

    • Creative flows that feel more like a dance

    • Practical flows for beginners with tight muscles

    • Movement to increase your mobility & flexibility.

    • Yoga flows included in the daily programs!

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  • Inside my app


    • Videos requested by you to break down different postures, transitions, & exercises.

    • Coming back from surgeries on both my knee & shoulder, + other injuries, I know about modifying and starting from scratch. I share what I’ve learned with you.

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  • Mindfulness

    Inside my app


    Pair your movement with mindfulness in programs such as "Mindful Matters" & "Self-Lef-Med" to kick-start you on your own meditation journey and routine with journal prompts, movement, guided meditations, music playlists, and more.

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    Inside my app



    • Guidance for fueling your body properly & maintaining a healthy relationship with food

    • My favorite protein-packed recipes

    • Links to the supplements I love and use every day

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  • Exclusive programs

    The Fit Yogi Trainer

    • My well known, tried & true program that started it all

    • 4-week fitness & yoga program for all levels

    • Daily home workout, strength drill, yoga flow, & yoga pose

    • Build strength & endurance while improving flexibility & balance

  • Exclusive Programs

    The S-Series

    • "S" for Short, Strong, & Stretchy

    • A collection of 10-15 min all-level yoga flows

    • Titled by theme so you can choose what you feel like!

  • Exclusive programs

    The CCC

    • Court's Circuit Course

    • Four-week program by me and my badass sister, Courtney

    • Killer, full-body workouts from her, and a post-workout yoga flow from me

  • Exclusive programs


    • Meant to kick-start you on your meditation journey

    • “Mindful Matters” - a week of journaling, guided meditation, movement practice, & more

    • “Self-Led-Med” - the sequel to Mindful Matters, learn essential skills to meditate on your own

    • Feel less stress & anxiety, and more power & gratitude



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  • “I cancelled my gym membership as soon as I subscribed! I exercise sooo much smarter & harder with your playbook than I EVER did on my own. Thanks for creating such bomb material.”

    - Jalyn
  • “I LOVE mixing workouts with yoga!! Can’t wait to see my results from this training!”

    - Sam
  • “I have so much love for you and your sister for making this program. I really enjoyed the direction during yoga. It really feels like a class. I’m learning but also progressing in things that I’ve been working on for years. Thank you.”

    - Caitlin, on The CCC
  • “I cried because I can feel myself changing, loving myself, loving my’s been so long since I felt that way. Thank you for creating a fun program that gave me myself back.”

    - Katie, on The Fit Yogi Trainer
  • "I have never had a bigger change in my overall mood, positivity, and perspective. Will love to continue down this path of meditation and mindfulness."

    - Elena, on Mindful Matters
  • "Week four of The Fit Yogi Trainer and I'm speechless with my results! …I honestly feel AMAZING!!! Thank you!”

  • "It's life changing. It's seriously like one of the best things I've ever done. I think mediation is going to be a new thing for me."

    - Ryleigh, @_wildmountainhoney_, on Mindful Matters
  • "You are so enlightening and inspiring! I love learning from you! I did today's workout, yoga, journal, and meditation before bed and I feel connected and amazing! Thank you!"

    - Elizabeth, on Mindful Matters
  • "The meditation is amazing! Definitely something I need in my life...during this pandemic. Your workouts are always a challenge for me so I like that I have to push myself (both mentally and physically!). Thank you for creating this!"

    - Sabrina, on Mindful Matters
my story, your story

my story, your story

Hello! I’m Mackenzie, and I’m just like you. I’m a busy mom of three. I’ve overcome an eating disorder. I’ve learned to appreciate my body instead of constantly comparing it. I’ve been through physical set-backs from injuries, surgeries, and long recoveries. I know how to start over. I deal with anxiety. I’ve experienced tragedy and loss. Fitness & yoga, and mindfulness & meditation have helped me through the hardest times in my life thus far, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you in hopes that you too can feel better and live happier.

I combined fitness & yoga because I found that they work the best together. Challenging workouts keep your heart & muscles strong while yoga offers an active recovery for better mobility, increased flexibility, and better control and balance. Add in meditation and mindfulness and you have a recipe for success that will nurture unwavering self-confidence. I want you to appreciate your body for what it can do rather than just how it looks.

I want my app to be a place where you can come to feel good, in both body & mind. Where you’ll be encouraged to love yourself, as you are, while simultaneously being challenged and pushed outside your comfort zones. I promise you’ll never get bored and I will always work hard to give you content that helps you reach your goals.

Thanks for being here!!

love mackenzie

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