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  • Before I started the DayOne programs I was completely clueless and intimidated when it came to diet and exercise. I have been blown away by how my mindset has changed! feel so much more knowledgeable now about nutrition and how to fuel my body, and am so happy that I am no longer trying to crash diet to lose weight. The programs also break down exercise in a foolproof way. They are clear and concise with videos to show exactly how they should be done, and they are short enough that you can squeeze them into your day no matter what you have going on! Besides the programs themselves, the people behind them are what makes DayOne so great! I have had Melissa reach out multiple times to cheer me on, give me extra help and guidance, and just celebrate regular life events that have nothing to do with the programs. would absolutely 10/10 recommend!!

  • When I first came to Melissa my main goal was to be able to look in the mirror and accept myself. My youngest child was 5 at the time and I had tried so many quick fix diets and exercise programs. I just couldn't quite get in a good rhythm of understanding what could work for me. My expectations for her were pretty low, just to help me plan my workouts a couple days a week and learn to get more comfortable with macros. Oh hell did she blow that shit out of the water. have not only learned to love myself when I look in the mirror, I have learned to use macros effectively, push myself and increase my strength, run 5 freaking miles-say what?! Never did I ever think I could be that girl. I look forward to my workouts, my weekly chats with melissa, my monthly video chats, my one on one trainings, and her cheering me on pointing out how far I've truly come over 2 years. She has forever changed my life. She has been there for me through the ups and downs and give me her badassery version when I need it and gives me grace on other days when I'm truly struggling. Anyone who gets to work with DayOne should consider themselves lucky, don't waste it!

  • I cannot say enough about Melissa and DayOne Athletic! I have been working with Melissa for over 1.5 years and am amazed at the progress I have made. She has helped coach me through many different phases including weight loss, bulking, maintenance, and body composition changes. She has provided me with the tools and education to assist me in reaching the goals I set. She has the ability to provide compassion and support all at the same time as being your biggest hype girl! She has made me recognize that I can set new goals and strive for things I never even considered. One of the biggest take aways that I have from working with Melissa is that prioritizing yourself matters and that you have the ability to adapt in order to do so.

  • Before I started with Melissa thought I knew all that I needed to know to get into shape.... boy, was I wrong. I applied to work with Melissa mainly because she's so real, honest and not afraid to call you out if needed - and I needed that. I LOVE that she's a real person with the same struggles we have all faced at some point in our lives. Since day one I have really enjoyed the workouts. Each workout has videos to help with direction and form. I love the daily accountability and how quickly Melissa gets back to me. I love that she's always my cheerleader! I'm most excited to learn how to maintain my weight loss and continue to tone, because I want to be healthy and strong as I age. I have learned not to have the "all or nothing" attitude and give myself grace. Also, her weekly learnings have taught me so much and keeps me focused and motivated. I am really enjoying this journey and I'd pick Melissa to coach me a million times over.

  • I have been working with Melissa for over a year now and I cannot say enough how truly amazing she is! Her workout programs are phenomenal! I have been doing the at home workouts and have seen such amazing results! Melissa made the workouts short and super effective for us busy moms who can usually only get 30 minutes to ourselves. Melissa puts so much thought and love into everything she does and wants us all to succeed! have grown so much as a person thanks to the amazing community she has provided! I would highly recommend and have recommended Melissa and her programs to everyone I know who is looking to improve not only their health but their mindset!

I'm Melissa, and this is my story

I'm Melissa, and this is my story

I started my journey 7 years ago. Being diagnosed with PCOS and being extremely over weight rocked my world. My journey began when I was tired of being put on medications for everything, I wanted to be able to take control of my life and my health.

I lost 50+ lbs then became a certified trainer to help other women find the same balance in health and fitness as I have. I want to show you how possible it is to be a mom, a business woman, an entrepreneur, a full time worker and STILL make time for a workout.

My workouts are designed to be 45 minutes or less. Quick and effective is the way I like to roll.