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The ultimate health and wellness routine starts here. Learn to apply breath, intention and mindfulness to deliberate stressors to elevate your health, wellness and performance. From sauna, cold, nature, breath, movement to human connection, the Sauna Papi will show you the way to elevate your lifestyle.

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The lifestyle wellness app that’s going to change the way you think, feel, move and perform.

  • What's inside

    Programs & Protocols to take control of your life

    Breath work is the foundation for stress management and humans do not adapt unless we are placed in a stressful environment. The Sauna Papi Lifestyle highlights the development of custom breath work and mindfulness protocols to apply to the stressors of sauna therapy, cold exposure and exercise to help humans better manage stress and develop tools for daily life.

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  • Coaching & community

    What's inside

    Coaching & community

    • Ask questions directly

    • Share your success an breath development progress

    • Let us know what content you want to see

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  • Breathwork & Movement background
  • Sauna & Cold - Contrast Therapy Exposure background
  • Sauna Session background
  • Cold Exposure background
  • Exclusive collections

    Breathwork & Movement

    • Learn breath protocols to energize, calm or recover in and out of the workout space

    • Learn proper breathing techniques and how to apply to movement patterns

    • Learn to control the output of energy demand in different positions

    • Develop breath awareness and breath control - Nose, slow and low!

    • For all of those who breathe

  • Exclusive collections

    Sauna & Cold - Contrast Therapy Exposure

    • Learn how to better manage and adapt to stress in different environments

    • Active Recovery protocols via sauna/ice to optimize health & performance

    • Learn tools on how to recover more efficiently

    • Breathing protocols and mindfulness practices to maximize your sauna/cold therapy sessions

    • For all of those who breathe

  • Exclusive collections

    Sauna Session

    • Protocols with breathing, light movement and mindfulness

    • Reflection and meditations to let your mind go and find flow

    • Education on benefits of sauna and how to maximize your session

    • Approach to extending sauna session

    • For all of those who breathe

  • Exclusive collections

    Cold Exposure

    • Protocols with breathing and cognitive tasks (maybe a little movement 🙂)

    • Education on benefits of cold exposure and how to maximize your exposure

    • Approaches to integrate cold exposure into daily routine

    • For all of those who breathe

Sauna Papi Lifestyle Pillars

  • Goal of App

    The goal of the app is to unlock the power you have within and empower you to tune in and trust what your breath, body and mind are telling you.

  • Breath Practice

    Developing a breath practice can be a powerful tool to enhance our health and deal with stress. Our approach to developing your breath practice is to integrate it into all modalities of life and form a true breath practice that can build in regulation, resilience and ultimately awareness.

  • Coping with Stress

    By following the Sauna Papi Lifestyle you will gain insight into how the deepest parts of our body and mind cope with stress and we will teach you how to better manage the stress.

  • Heat & Cold Exposure

    Reaching a minimum threshold of exposure each week is more important than any particular routine. We will provide you with protocols but more importantly education on why any how to implement deliberate exposure to elevate your human experience.

  • Toolbox for Life

    Through deliberate heat and cold exposure and intentional exercises you will start to create a toolbox of breathing techniques, methods, & protocols to apply in all environments.

  • Habit Formation

    If you stay consistent you will develop functional breath patterns and mindfulness techniques as habits, which directly translate to all aspects of life.

  • Keep Exploring & Expanding

    Find new approaches to sauna and cold exposure, learn a variety of breathing techniques and understand how to optimize your movement with your breathing to increase your vitality and elevate your human experience.

About the Sauna Papi Lifestyle & The Founders

About the Sauna Papi Lifestyle & The Founders

Luis Leonardo, the Sauna Papi, and his right hand man, Harrison Klein are pioneering the development of protocols to optimize human health & performance and take control of your life!

Serving as their own lab rats, on a search for the most universal performance and wellness enhancing routines, they discovered the power of applying breath and intentional practices to sauna, cold therapy and movement modalities. Luis, an ex-professional triathlete with over 3 decades in the health & fitness industry, who is the founder and owner of Embrace North a sauna and cold therapy service in Minneapolis (now with 800 subscribers), teamed up with Breath & Movement Specialist, Harrison Klein, who is endlessly curious about expanding the human spirit, to open their gym, called Built To Breathe that implements a “breath first” approach to all of the current training modalities. They are combining concepts from Embrace North/Built To Breathe and now facilitate “Sauna Papi” exposure workshops combining nature, movement, breath-work, cold water immersion and sauna therapy. Understanding how stress and our relationship with stress shapes our human behavior is a key part of what they are pursuing.

Their core objectives are to tear down the traditional blocks in breathwork practices, remove any stigmas behind suffer culture in the fitness industry, and make these tools available to all audiences, regardless of the entry point.

These two believe breath control is the most powerful tool for improving resilience, managing stress, and enhancing human performance for EVERY living human. After years of working in the fitness and wellness world, they have realized we need to get back to the fundamentals, find space in this chaotic society and understand our relationship with stress.

The craft harnesses and integrates respiratory (breathing) with mental focus into modern day recovery modalities and movement training approaches to give rise to the power we all hold within us. The protocols, programs and techniques are used to accelerate and enhance mental and physical performance in professional athletes, top executives, musicians, health of people suffering from pathological issues and all the way to your everyday human.

They now want to share these amazing experiences they are facilitating and practicing daily with the masses, as they serve as a strategic launch pad for people to experience personal transformation while also moving the needle to humanity by educating and spreading awareness of the benefits and approach to this work. The Sauna Papi Lifestyle app challenges your mental game just as much as physical and emphasizes the importance of recovery in the form of breathwork, intentional movement, sauna and cold therapy. This app and collections highlight how when we connect to the deeper layers of the body it gives you the control over how you think, feel and perform. We are all about looking for the opportunity in challenge, embracing change and growing.

“Control your breath, control your life.” - Harrison Klein

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