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    What's inside

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  • Glutes Program device
  • Core Program device
  • Shred Program device
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  • Exclusive programs

    Beginner & Advanced Splits

    • GOAL: build lean muscle & gain confidence in the gym

    • 4-week training program

    • 4 day split: 2 upper, 2 lower

  • Exclusive programs

    Glutes Program

    • GOAL: grow your glutes & get fit

    • 4-week training program

    • 5 day split: 3 lower, 2 upper

  • Exclusive programs

    Core Program

    • GOAL: building and strengthening your core

    • 6-week training program

    • Add this program with any others

  • Exclusive programs

    Shred Program

    • GOAL: lose fat and build endurance

    • 4-week training program

    • Fast paced workouts with high reps will keep your heart rate high

  • Exclusive programs

    7-day Jump Start

    • GOAL: quick 7-day program to help you feel confident in your workouts, routine, & how to use the app

    • 7-day training program

  • Exclusive programs

    At-Home Program

    • Dumbbell only & limited equipment (can be done at home or at the gym, beginner friendly!)

    • 4-week training program

    • 4 day split: 2 lower, 2 upper

Come join the squad

  • I loved it!! Hoping for a Shred 2.0! My favorite part of this challenge was getting out of my head and stop putting a specific amount of calories I needed to burn in my head each workout. I was obsessed with burning 300+ calories every workout that it took the joy out of actually working out, but starting this program I was set free and just focused on pushing myself and enjoying the workout. It felt good to finally enjoy working out again. Can't wait to check out the other programs ❤️

    Mackenzie H.
  • I ABSOLUTELY loved this challenge. I LOVE hearing from other girls who are into fitness just as much as myself. feel like all of you are gym besties and are all super inspiring day in and out!

    Michelle I.
  • I loved this challenge, I committed to the advanced program and I will be completing it tomorrow!! These weeks have flown by, but I have been able to manage my time and still make the gym a priority while starting a new semester of university. I also love the Facebook community, I feel like the other girls in the group keep me accountable, sO I'm hitting the gym and posting throughout the challenge! And having the support from all of them is amazing, the group has really become something i value!

    Jillian P.
  • I loved it! I did the shred program and it felt so good getting back to a routine with set workouts and having a plan for everyday. Knowing I wasn't doing it alone helped motivate me. The Facebook group is full of such positive motivating girls and that pushed me on my hard days. I finally feel like I'm at a place where I have the discipline, struggled with that for a long time. Will be doing this again right after!

    Morgan T.
  • When I say I LOVED this challenge I truly mean every ounce of it. I loved that it gave me a way to push myself right at the start of a new year. Not only did a it push me physically but also mentally. It made me fall in love with the gym again, made my fall in love with my body and the way it moves and functions and showed me how much I love having a routine. I would love another challenge like this again! I saw gains in every aspect and it feels so motivating. I couldn't upload just one photo so here's a handful 🤪

    Morgan O.
  • This is the first time I’ve followed a program since CrossFit back before I had kids and it was INCREDIBLE. The first 2 weeks I was so sore I couldn’t walk but it felt really good to push myself again. I’m currently 4.5 months postpartum with my second baby, and it’s been a real mental struggle seeing the changes my body has made this time around, but the SHRED program is helping me feel strong and confident in the gym. I can’t wait to continue Britt’s programs and get even better progress photos along the way, but more importantly get stronger than I ever have been before. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    Chelsi E.
  • Amazing! Pushed me in lots of ways didn't expect. So grateful for this and the community built from it!

    Ayana K.
  • If I'm being honest, I really needed a kick in the butt to get going again after having my 2nd child. It's so hard to see your body change so drastically and my goals seemed so far away that it kind of felt useless to try. I joined the challenge to keep me accountable, give me a group of ladies that support me, and to have a coach program workouts and I got that and more. I feel so good 6 weeks later! I'm starting to feel like myself again, physically and mentally. Brit is so knowledgeable, encouraging and Kind, plus her workouts are FIRE and push you to your limit. I know that all my lifts will benefit from the core work I've done, even though its not my favorite...but after a baby, strengthening my core was a must and I'm so happy I joined!!

    Mckenzie J.

I'm Brittany, and this is my story

Your go-to-gym hype girl — I’m here to remind you that you are not alone on this journey! Whether you’re just stepping foot in the gym or ready to take your training to the next level, I’m here to help you love the process over the destination. Living a healthier life isn’t about quick fixes, it’s about making how you move your body and fuel yourself a lifestyle. I know that can be challenging and almost seem daunting to some, but here I’ll be training with you, every step of the way, through training programs, recipes, grocery guides & resources to help you fall in love with the process! Start today & let’s lift!

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Subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive offers & workout tips

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