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The exact programs Gal Gadot, Alicia Vikander, James McAvoy, Ben Affleck, Alex Skarsgard, Katy Perry and Dua Lipa use to get fit.

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    I train a lot of top celebrities and now I'm sharing all those workouts with you. Build muscle and burn fat with my workouts that guarantee results.

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    Nutrition guides

    Nutrition is key to staying healthy and getting the most out of your training. Get the plan I recommend to stay healthy and fit.

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  • Exclusive programs

    Wonder Woman

    • Program Gal Gadot used for her role in Wonder Woman 2

    • 4 weeks, 16 workouts

    • Gain lean muscle mass while maintaining cardiovascular health

  • Exclusive programs


    • Program Mackenzie Davis used for her role in Terminator, Dark Fate

    • 4 weeks, 20 workouts for all levels

    • Keep lean, while packing healthy, trim and toned muscle

  • Exclusive programs

    The Beast

    • Program James McAvoy used for his role in "Glass"

    • 6 weeks, 30 workouts

    • Build a lean, muscular body with weights and a focus on increasing core strength

  • Exclusive programs


    • Program Ben Affleck used for his role

    • 4 weeks, for all fitness levels

    • Increase strength and bulk up

  • Exclusive programs

    Tomb Raider

    • Program Alicia Vikander used for her role

    • 4 weeks, 21 workouts

    • 3 day split program, with cardio getting harder each week

  • Exclusive programs


    • Program Alexander Skarsgaard used for his role as Tarzan

    • 4 weeks, 23 workouts

    • 4 day split program, with cardio getting harder each week

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  • Meal plan & recipes

    Superhero Nutrition Plan

    • Learn how to balance your diet

    • Grocery list for easy shopping

    • Recommendations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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  • “I did my first WW workout and I loved it! The exercises were easy to understand and the videos really helped with form. I am hooked.”

    - Kristy Mercker
  • David
  • “I love it because it’s affordable, easy to do even if you are beginner but challenge enough to allow you to grow.”

    - Ana AvMor
  • Heloisa
  • “Magnus Method gives you a clear path to follow. It's up to you to complete a program. But, the app is so motivating, easy to use, yet fun and exciting, that you don't want to stop it. Believe me.”

    - Lilla Kelemen
  • Rhiannon
  • “With Magnus Method you're set for life, as it's got different workouts that suits all levels, the videos show clearly how to perform the exercises plus there's a ton of information on nutrition!”

    - Sofia Hcs
  • Data
  • “I love that you can choose between gym and home workouts with minimal equipment. It is very structured and easy to use.”

    - Ana-Maria Ami
  • “The programs by Magnus keep my mind and body engaged in a way that generates real results. I've gained discipline, muscle, and I feel like a superhero. I was looking for a new training program to take me above and beyond what I could do myself and this is it!”

    - Rue Jean Spence
  • “Magnus’ workouts are awesome! Fun, engaging & informative!


    Seriously the best program I’ve tried!”

    - Donna McGarry
  • “With Magnus in your phone you’ll have the best gym buddy ever - never gets boring, fun and challenging workouts every time!”

    - Charlotte Sandstrom
  • “The workouts are great, the diet plan is even better, the results are undeniable.”

    - Eric Frisch
  • “The BEST program I have ever tried! You won’t regret it.”

    - Regan Krager

I'm Magnus, and this is my story

Magnus Lygdback is a world-renowned Swedish health and wellness expert, entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach. For over 20 years, he has become known for working with some of the world’s most recognizable actors, musicians, athletes, artists, and high-performance business entrepreneurs.

Throughout his career, Magnus has developed the Magnus Method, a training philosophy that embraces the “ethos of an athlete” — approaching life and fitness with the same specific intensity and structure that an athlete would, whilst also maintaining a balanced and healthy life.

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