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Joyfully Fit Jumpstart Challenge

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About the challenge

The goal for this challenge is not only to start the year strong but to create a joyful and balanced mindset around health & fitness that inspires you to continue throughout the year! You have it within you to be consistent, reach your goals, and enjoy doing it. During these six weeks, we will focus on not just physical training but mindset shifts to create sustainability. My challenge for you is to follow any of my 6-week plans (don’t worry there are quite a few options for all levels)! I’m excited to let you choose the program, so you can find something you will most enjoy and want to stick with!
  • Lean & Strong (Vol 1 or Vol 2)
  • Prenatal (any trimester)
  • Core rehab (perfect for early postpartum)
  • Get back to it (great for beginners or starting again after an extended period)
  • Get Fit Guide (months 1 & 2. High impact/higher intensity)
  • 30 Min Fit (great for those in a time crunch!)
  • Fit Class 30 (I do the entire workout with you)

🏆 What you can win

  • 1

    1st Place:

    • $250 cash
    • 1 year membership to the SugarySixPack App
    • Theragun mini
    • MUSH variety pack
    • Pack off Aloha bars
    • Redmond – electrolyte post workout tub & travel sticks (your choice of flavor)
    • Senita – gift cards or outfit
  • 2

    2nd Place:

    • $150 cash
    • 1 year membership to the SugarySixPack App
    • Pack off Aloha bars
  • 3

    3rd Place:

    • $100 cash
    • 1 year membership to the SugarySixPack App
    • Pack off Aloha bars

✍️ How to enter

  • 1

    Sign up for the challenge below and submit your before picture by Jan 5th along with your main goal for the challenge! This can be mental, physical, anything that is important to you!

  • 2

    Make sure to download the SugarySixPack App to participate

  • 3

    Follow any plan that is 6 weeks, there’s quite a few options for all levels! You can choose here so that you find something you will most enjoy and want to stick with!

  • 4

    (optional but fun) Post on Instagram tagging @sugarysixpack with the hashtag #sugarysixpack throughout the challenge so I can cheer you on!

  • 5

    Make sure to also follow @therabody in order to be eligible for the Grand Prize!

  • 6

    Submit your end of challenge picture by February 13th along with any mental breakthroughs, positive growth or mindset transformation you made!

🥇 How to win

  • 1

    Submit your pre challenge and end of challenge photos

  • 2

    Give it all you can! We have 6 weeks together to give it our all and make progress mentally and physically. The winners won’t just be picked by who has made the most drastic physical progress. We’re also focusing on creating a positive mindset around movement, our health, and the way you see yourself.

  • 3

    Join the support group on Facebook and get community support! It’s so much easier to stay committed when you’re engaged in a community of people with that same goal. Let us help you along:)

  • These cardio ones are kicking my butt! I am 11 weeks postpartum and did your core read and get back to it plan before this one and I am so glad I did. It definitely gave me a good place to start to get into these more intense ones! Thanks!

  • Great, sweaty workout in 20 minutes. I was able to do while boys in backyard! So convenient for this momma 💪👏

  • Loving these core engagement exercises. Gentle yet effective for early postpartum days. Love that I can fit them in while bubs naps.

  • Amazing!!! That doesn’t even feel like 20 min!!! Thank you for making every workout so fun!! 🌸💕


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