Annual Payout Changes & New Pay Per Creator Model FAQs

Our latest announcement is the launch of a “Pay Per Creator” (PPC) payment model in 2024 that will allow Playbook creators to set their own prices for subscriptions, run their own discounts/promotions, and keep their content available exclusively to their subscribers. While this feature is being developed, we will be transitioning back to our old accounting model to accommodate the development timeline. Get the most up-to-date info and answers to your questions below. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your account manager or to our support team at

What does transitioning back to the old accounting model mean?

In May 2023 we updated our accounting model to accommodate upfront annual payments. We are transitioning back to our old accounting model in order to focus on PPC. This means instead of being paid annual subscriptions upfront, in a lump sum, they will be paid out over 12 months. Monthly payments will continue to be paid out upfront on a monthly basis.

How will this impact my earnings?

This transition will have no impact on your earnings — you will still get the full amount of annual subscriptions paid out to you. However, instead of receiving it upfront, you will receive it over 12 months. We’re reverting to the system we’ve used for years — higher future revenue, stable revenue numbers month to month, and lower month 1 payments from new annuals.

How will this impact my analytics?

We are working on analytics that will show deferred annuals so you can see one number that shows months 2-12 of the annuals that you are owed (from subscriptions started in May, June, and July). Updates will show up in your analytics tab by September.

Why are you making this adjustment?

We essentially have been building new functionalities on legacy payment systems, which is a lot of work for our engineering team to enhance with a high degree of efficiency. After launching the new upfront payment system, we received more and more feedback from many creators who want additional functionality around data and analytics — this would require additional development resources.

We had a product decision to make. We could either continue to devote resources to our legacy payment analytics, or we could move towards creating a better payment model altogether known as PPC where you can set your own price for your subscription and make flexibility around data, promotions, etc. We decided that PPC was the best route to go — it’s not only highly requested from creators, but also will make you the most successful in your business.

When will you shift back to the old accounting model?

The shift back will occur for July payments which will be processed on/around August 15.

Why is Playbook prioritizing PPC technology over existing platform technology?

PPC is the future as it maximizes the value of your business through both marketing tools, pricing tactics, and new features we’re planning on adding to the platform. For example, we want to build nutrition (macros calculator, food tracking, recipes) into Playbook and we don’t want to require creators to offer that inside of their $15 app offering. We want you to be able to determine the price of your product relative to the time you are putting in and the value you’re delivering to your customers.

With PPC you’ll be able to:

  • Set your own price

  • Set your own discounts and promotions

  • Keep your content exclusively for your subscribers

  • Charge more for new features we release (nutrition, macro coaching, recipes, etc.)

  • And SO much more!

When will the PPC business model be available?

This new business model will be released in early 2024. PPC will give you the flexibility to set your own price and discounts as well as keep your content exclusive. Due to the amount of creators we have on the platform it will be a phased rollout. You can join the waitlist here.

What if I don’t want to be a part of the PPC business model?

We constantly strive to give creators all the best tools to grow their business. All of the tools and functionality that will come with the PPC model will make it a no-brainer for you to transition with our guidance along the way and a promise for a seamless experience for you and your subscribers. We will also be exploring the option to grandfather in subscribers for those on the pre-PPC model.

How will the migration to the new business model work?

We are still working on details and technology, but we are planning for maximum flexibility to ensure zero disruption to your existing business. We will work closely with you on pricing and the migration process to keep both you and your subscribers happy.

We know that creators have been wanting the ability to set their own price for a while and we are excited to be able to dedicate our resources to deliver this feature in 2024.