Creator App Navigation Changes

With the latest update to the Creator app, we’ve introduced workouts and collections. Read more to learn about what’s changed.


Workouts are the core building blocks of our platform, just as products are to any shop. In this current app update, we created the new Workouts section — a single section for managing ALL of your workouts. You can filter between published, scheduled, draft and archived workouts. We will be adding search shortly, which will apply to all of the above sections.


The old creator channel experience has been migrated into a new “Collections” tab. This is where all of your programs and categories will live. To reorder how your collections are displayed in the Consumer app, you can simply tap the reorder button in the top right corner of the screen. This has been highlighted in the image below:

How to Post Stories

With these new changes you might be wondering how you can post stories. This functionality has simply moved to the top level navigation as outlined in the image below:


How do you assign workouts to collections?
This is exactly the same as before. The mechanics for publishing haven’t changed, so you’ll simply select the program/category when publishing a workout. The same goes for any draft workouts — you can tap the workout and hit the publish button and publish to any collection.

If I create a workout and then want to add it to multiple collections/programs, how does that work?
We do not currently support workouts belonging to multiple programs/collections at the same time. So for now, it’s the same as before where you’ll only be able to publish to a single collection. You can still duplicate that workout and publish it to another collection, just as before.