How to Use In-App Messaging on Playbook

Communicating directly with your fans just got super easy! We’ve made it possible to interact with your subscribers in the app — no more emails or lost conversations.

Here’s how it works:

Your subscribers can message you by clicking on the message icon at the top of your channel.

Each new message will land in your Inbox:

To reply to a message:

Step 1: Tap on the message.

Step 2: Reply!

You can reply directly by typing out a message.

You can also reply with a reaction. Tap and hold on the message to see your emoji options.

You can also respond by sending a video message — and your subscribers can send you short videos too. Encourage your subscribers to send you photos and videos to learn about their progress! The photos and videos you receive are great marketing materials to promote your app on Instagram, but YOU MUST GET PERMISSION from your subscribers before reposting their photos and videos on social media.

Respond to DMs on Your Desktop

You can also message users from the web admin! Tap on inbox and send messages from your desktop:


1. What if I don’t want to receive notifications?

You can turn off notifications in your inbox. Tap on “Reviews” and toggle notifications off.

2. What if I want to block a user?

    Tap on the channel in your inbox and mark the user as “Blocked.”

    To flag individual messages as inappropriate, tap on “Flag.”

    3. What’s the max file size I can send and receive via DMs?

      20 MB for videos and photos.

      4. Why is my inbox empty?

        It’s because you haven’t received any messages yet. Promote this feature on Instagram and encourage your users to interact with you via DMs, including sending photos and videos!