How to Set Up Automatic Payments

We know you’re passionate about fitness, but we also know that you started this subscription business to generate income. Here’s how to set up your banking information in three easy steps on the Creator app.

3 Steps to Set Up Your Banking Information

  1. Open the Playbook Creator app.

  2. From the home screen, click the profile icon in the bottom right hand corner.

  3. Click "Payments"

This will take you to Stripe’s onboarding. Stripe is an online payment processing platform for digital businesses — like yours!

To create a Stripe account, just follow the instructions on the screen. If you already have a Stripe account, log in.

If you are an international creator and cannot access Stripe
, please email us at and we will set you up with an alternative payment method.

That was easy, right?

After completing the above steps, payments will be direct deposited into your bank account every month in the middle of the month.


  • June payments >> July 14-16

  • July payments >> August 14-16