Gift Subscriptions Are Now Possible on Playbook

Super exciting news! Your subscribers can now give friends and family an annual membership to your app using your gift subscription link.

Start promoting this to your followers to get even more subscribers. Use the link below to download promo assets.


To promote your gift subscription link:

Step 1: Go to the Creator App

  • Tap on “Profile”

  • Tap on “Promo”

  • Tap on “Gifting Subscription Page” to copy the link

  • Send it to your subscribers on Instagram, add it to your LinkTree, or even send it out in an email!

You can also copy the link from the Admin Panel:

Or go directly to your sales landing page and tap on “Gift Subscription”

Anyone can access the gift link through your sales landing page while browsing by tapping on the gift icon as shown below:


What percentage of revenue do I get from users who were gifted an annual subscription?

    Your revenue earnings are the same with a regular and gift subscription. You get 80%.