Your Fans Can Now Share Workouts With Friends & Family

Fans can now give their friends and family the gift of health and wellness by sending them a free workout from your app!

You should promote this feature to your fans — gifted workouts to friends and family can turn into potential subscribers! Find out the DL on the feature below, and download promo assets to use here.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select the workout you want to send for free

Step 2: Tap on the gift icon at the top right of the screen

Step 3: Select how you want to share the gift — text, link, email — and send the workout!

You also have the option to gift a workout after you’ve completed a workout by tapping on ‘Share for free’.

How to redeem gifted workouts:

The giftee can redeem the workout by tapping on the link they receive and downloading the app (or opening it, if they have it already).

Simply sign up or log in to unlock the workout!


How many workouts can users send?

    Users can send as many workouts as they like! However, each user can only redeem a maximum of 5 workouts.

    Can users gift workouts if they don’t have a subscription?

      Yes! They will unlock gifted workouts when the giftee redeems them. They can unlock up to 5 workouts. Moreover, giftees do not need to be subscribed to take advantage of the free workout they were gifted.