How the Pros Promote on Instagram


  • Promote your app using Instagram Stories, feed posts, and Instagram Live before your app launches

  • Promote your launch day on your Instagram Stories and feed

  • Highlighting your app and new programs on a regular basis

There are so many ways to promote your app on Instagram. We have shared how to grow your subscribers using social media and Facebook and Instagram video best practices to share some tips. However, if you want to see more feed posts, Stories, and Instagram Lives to get inspired, check out these great creator examples!

**Note: Want to know the best time(s) to post? Check out suggestions here.

Highlight Your App

Instagram Highlight — App-related content

Instagram Bio

Promoting Your App Pre-Launch

Instagram Stories — Pre-Launch

Promoting Your Launch Day

Instagram feed post

Instagram Live

Instagram Story

Promoting Your App Post-Launch

Instagram Feed — App Promo

Instagram Story — Promote New Workouts

Instagram Story — App Walkthrough

Instagram Story — App Reviews

Instagram Story — Ask and Answer Questions

Instagram Story — Success Stories