Our New Referral Feature Rewards Your Subscribers

Your subscribers can now get 3 months for free when they invite 3 friends to join your app experience! This has the ability to grow your user base — users advocate on behalf of your brand and receive a reward in return. Best of all, referred users are YOUR users - you own referred users’ revenue for life (just as you do with your current subscribers)

Research shows that:

  • Referred customers are less likely to leave and tend to be more loyal to the brand as they trust recommendations from people they know.

  • Loyal customers boost your activation rates.

  • People are twice as likely to pay attention to recommendations from friends.

How Your Subscribers Can Invite Friends

Step 1: Tap “Get 3 months for free”

This notification is available in the Discovery tab and the user’s profile tab. Additionally, there is a menu option in the profile section that allows users to access referrals at any time

Step 2: Tap “Send referral link”
Step 3: Select how to invite friends — and send the link!

Users can send the referral link via email, text, Instagram, and more. All they need to do is copy and paste the link. When they have successfully referred 3 friends, they will see the option to redeem the offer.

Redeeming the Referral

The recipient can join the app by tapping the link they received and unlocking the 7-day free trial.

Referring More Friends

Users can invite 3 more friends in the future to claim this offer again by tapping this button:

Download Promo Assets

Download assets to promote this feature here.


Are referred users my subscribers?
Yes! Any referred user is counted as YOUR subscriber, so you own their revenue for life (just as you do for your current subscribers).

Who can invite friends?
To be eligible for this offer, users must be on a paid premium plan and have a subscription via Stripe.

Is there a limit to the number of referral links one can send?
No, users can send links to as many friends as they want.

Can they redeem this offer multiple times?
Yes, for every 3 people who redeem, users get 3 months free. So if 6 people redeem, users will get 6 months free, and so on.

When will users see the free months reflected in their billing?
If a user is eligible for the referral discount, they will see 3 months free on their next applicable billing date. If they are a monthly subscriber, the referral will kick in on the next month’s renewal date. If they are an annual subscriber, the referral will kick in on the annual renewal date.

Do referral recipients have to pay?
To claim the offer, recipients need to download the app, input their credit card information, and begin a free 7-day trial. They can refer 3 friends of their own and get 3 free months after their trial, once they're a subscriber!

What if recipients cancel their subscriptions?
Users will not lose their reward if their friend cancels their subscription.