How to Order Videos in Programs & Categories

We’ve recently made some updates to our Programs and Categories that include the ordering of videos. Below you will find all you need to know to customize the order of your videos within Programs and Categories:

Ordering Videos in Programs

Whenever you create a Program, the videos can be manually ordered any way you want.

Simply use the drag and drop button to the right of the video cell (as highlighted below) to drag a video into a new position within the Program.

Ordering Videos in Categories

For Categories, a new ‘Sort By’ setting has been added.

You can find this on the ‘Edit Category’ screen by clicking on ‘More Settings (Optional):

What Are the ‘Sort By’ Options?

  • Newest First: Newly published videos will be added to the top of the category so the newest videos show first.

  • Oldest First: Newly published videos will be added to the bottom of the category so the oldest videos show first.

  • Custom Order: You can use this to manually move videos to any position in the Category.

What If I Have a Category With a Workout Limit?

If you have set a workout limit on a Category, then the Category will ALWAYS be set to sort by newest first — meaning new workouts are shown at the top of the Category.

If you would like to change the order of these workouts you will have to 1) remove the limit (i.e. set to 0) and 2) set the ‘Sort By’ to ‘Custom Order’ in the ‘More Settings (Optional)’ section.