Learn About the Program & Categories Update

We’ve made some changes to programs, categories, and scheduling workouts in the latest app update, which will improve your publishing experience.

Here’s what’s new:

Programs and Categories are now both grouped under Collections. Read more below to figure out which one to select, but if you make the wrong choice, don’t worry — you can switch anytime by tapping on the “Category” or “Program” toggle.


A Program is workouts that are organized to be executed in a particular order. Programs are structured by Week/Day or Series. For example, if you are doing a 4-Week Bikini Body you’ll want to use the Week/Day program function. Use the Series function for a series of videos like teaching users how to do a handstand or for recipe tutorials.


A Category allows you to bucket one-off workouts into easy-to-navigate descriptions. Think: Ab Workouts, Upper Body, or Meditations. You can limit the number of workouts in a category.

Additional Updates

You can now manually reorder your workouts in Programs and Categories! This will give you more flexibility to make changes. You can reorder them by dragging the workouts using the hamburger icon.

You can choose the publishing behavior for Collections.

You can now specify the date, time, and time zone when scheduling workouts on the Publish Workout screen. You can view the workouts in the “Scheduled” folder.

How to Use These Features on the Admin Panel

1. Tap “Create” to view your options.

    2. If needed, you can switch between Programs and Categories using the toggle at the top.

    3. Select a structure, length, and publishing behavior for your Program.

    4. Set a workout limit for your Category.

    5. Reorder your workouts using the up and down arrows.


    What is the difference between a Week/Day and Series structure in Programs?

    Week/Day means that workouts are assigned a specific day and week. For Series, workouts are organized in chronological order (Workout 1, Workout 2). This helps users understand the structure of your program.

    I set my Limited Category to publish from “Bottom”, why does it switch to “Top”?

    You can only publish to the top for Limited Categories because the last/oldest workout will be archived. You can find archived workouts on the Workouts tab in the Archived folder.