Your Fans Can Now Reply Directly to Your App Stories

Engaging with your fans just got even easier! With our new story reply feature, subscribers can interact with you directly.

Use this feature to your advantage:

  • Ask questions to your community

  • Run surveys

  • Post motivational content

  • Ask how people like the app (to use for social proof)

Here’s how it works:

Your subscribers can message you by clicking on the message icon at the bottom of your story. Each new reply will land in your Inbox.

To reply to a message:

Step 1: Tap on the message.

Step 2: Reply directly by typing out a message.

You can also reply with a reaction. Tap and hold on to the message to see your emoji options.

Learn more about posting Playbook Stories here.

Note: You will need to enable microphone and camera access for the app on your phone to post stories. To do this, go into Settings, tap on Playbook Creator, and toggle "Microphone" button on.


What if I don’t want to receive notifications?

You can turn off notifications in your inbox. Tap on “Reviews” and toggle notifications off.

What if I want to block a user?

Tap on the channel in your inbox and mark the user as “Blocked.”

To flag individual messages as inappropriate, tap on “Flag.”

Can I respond with a video message?

Yes! It’s a great way to engage with your subscribers. Encourage them to send you photos and videos to learn about their progress. The photos and videos you receive are great marketing materials to promote your app on Instagram, but YOU MUST GET PERMISSION from your subscribers reposting their photos and videos on social media. The max file size is 20 MB for videos and photos.

Can I reply back from my computer?

Yes! Tap on inbox in the Admin Panel and send messages from your desktop.