Use the New Week/Day Function for Weekly Programs

We’ve cleaned up the way weekly programs can now be made and added a structured input for selecting the Week and Day of any given workout.

Previously, you had to type W1/D1 directly into the descriptions. This caused frustration — an incorrect character or space could lead to errors. So, we fixed it. You can now add weeks and days in an input field rather than typing them out.

Here's what you need to know.

Key points to remember:

  • This ONLY applies to Weekly Program types.

  • The workouts do NOT automatically reorder on the Creator App. The automatic ordering only works on the Admin Panel.

So what has changed?

If you select a Weekly program type

Weekly program types will now show a W?/D? Input in each workout cell as demonstrated below:

    • When a workout has not yet been assigned a Week or Day value, the input will show up as red to indicate to the user that action is required (as shown in the 3rd workout above)

    • Unfortunately, the creator app does NOT automatically re-order the workouts when the Week and Day are set. The workouts will still need to be manually re-ordered using the drag and drop buttons on the right of the workout.

    Use the Admin Panel to Automatically Re-Order Workouts

    If you don't want to deal with manually re-ordering workouts using drag and drop buttons in the app, you'll need to input Week and Day selections in the Admin Panel instead.

    The given weeks of the program will now be divided into separate sections as shown below:

      Any workout that is added to this program will be placed at the top of the program in a section titled “Week Not Set”. All workouts in this section must be assigned a Week and Day value. Set the values by tapping the “W?” or “D?” boxes.

        • On the admin panel, the Week and Day value will automatically place the workout in the correct position within the Program.

        • Under the hood, setting the Week and Day values here will automatically change the workout title to include the relevant W?/D? (As seen when later editing a workout).


        How do I change the program type?
        The program type can be edited in the Program settings. Simple tap the “Edit Info” button of the relevant program and the Program Type setting will be available on the next screen. The options are: Weekly, Daily, and Series. Review what each one means here.