Workout Logging Is Available — Users Can Start Tracking Workouts

Users can now track their workouts by logging their weights, time, and reps, as well as take notes to capture their thoughts when working out.

Here’s how this new feature works on the consumer app:

Creating a Log

Log workouts from the workout overview or the exercise video player by tapping the Logging icon — it looks like a pencil.

Input your weights and reps and also add notes.

Saving a Log

To save progress in drafts, click on the checkmarks from the workout overview or the logging screen.

However, to save a log to Log History and Calendar, swipe or mark the workout as complete.

View Log History

To view logs, click on the Logs in the Profile tab. Logs will be there in chronological order with the most recent log at the top. Tap on View to view the full note.

You can also view your History by opening to the History tab. Access this tab within the logging screen as shown below.

Search for Previous Logs

If you want to look up your past logs for a specific exercise to check what you lifted previously, tap the menu next to the exercise name and select Show Previous Logs, this will automatically search for logs containing similar keywords.

Note: To view the full note, you must tap View as the History screen will only show you a preview.

View Logs in Calendar

View logs in the Calendar from the Profile tab to easily access a log from a particular day.

Workout Banner

If a user exits the app without completing a workout, a banner (like the one below) allows easy re-entry to a workout so it can register as complete and save the log. Mark the workout as complete from this screen directly by tapping the checkmark.

New Features (Updated July 2023)

Adding & Deleting Sets

To add a new row of a set, tap Add Set. Your inputs from the line above will be copied in the new row as placeholders. To delete a set, simply swipe left on a set.


To edit your saved log, navigate to your Log History and tap the menu and select Edit. Tap Save to save your changes. The date and time on your log will not change and will be the same as the time you completed your workout.


You can access the exercise and rest timer while logging. The custom timer icon at the top will change depending on the type of timer you can top.

Switching Units

To switch units on an exercise, tap the menu and select Switch to lbs or kg. To switch units globally, navigate to the Settings page in the Profile tab.

Auto Rest Timer

You can autostart the rest timer in a single exercise when you check a set, or when you complete all the exercises within a circuit in a round. To set this, tap on Turn on Auto Rest Time in the menu or you can do it on the Settings page.

Note: This option will not be visible in the logger menu if you (trainer) have not specified a rest time.

Auto Checking

You can auto-check your sets when you tap the exercise timer and it runs out. To set this, tap on Turn on Auto Checking in the menu or you can do it on the Settings page.

Note: This option will not be visible in the logger menu if you (trainer) have not specified an exercise time.

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Can users edit reps suggested by me when creating a log?

Yes, they can type over the gray pre-filled inputs within a log and input a different number. Likewise, if they want to track AMRAP sets, they can enter an input in place of the ‘F’.

How can users open the workout directly from History?

When accessing their History via Profile, users will see an arrow within their saved note. When they tap on this, they will be navigated to the workout directly.

How can users delete a log?

Users can delete a log by tapping on the ellipsis menu within History or on their saved log and select Delete. This action cannot be undone.

Can users log classes?

Users can add notes within a class by tapping on the Logging icon which looks like a pencil.