How the Pros Promote on YouTube


  • Make your YouTube channel homepage match your brand and reflect your app

  • Post captions that include information about your app

  • Your YouTube videos should tease your app’s content — but not give away full workouts

Promoting your app on YouTube is an essential part of your sales funnel and can be a great way to get new subscribers. If you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to setting up your profile and posting videos on YouTube, here are some creator examples to check out.

YouTube Profile

Here's a great example from Playbook creator Gabriella Guevara:

And another great example from Playbook creator FitGurlMel:

YouTube Video Captions

FitGurlMel checks off all of the boxes when it comes to her video captions, too:

YouTube Video Content

Juice & Toya app tour:

Michelle Khare includes an app plug at the beginning of her YouTube video:

Juice & Toya insert an app promo at the end of their video content:

Sarati introduces her app and promotes her launch:

Dana Linn Bailey shares a workout and promotes her app:

Obi includes an app CTA in his content: