How the Pros Promote on Facebook


  • Set up your Facebook group and add photos and a description that matches your brand and intentions

  • Promote your app, new programs, and challenges that you are hosting on the app

  • Show your members you appreciate their support by engaging with them in the group and posting often

We have shared how to set up your Facebook Community group and Facebook group best practices to give you a basis for creating your own group. However, if you are looking for more inspiration when it comes to making your Facebook group the best it can be, here are some excellent creator examples.

**Note: Want to know the best time(s) to post? Check out suggestions here.

Facebook Page

Example of a Facebook Page

Marketing New Content & App Features on Facebook

Promote a new challenge

Community Engagement

Thank your followers and subscribers

Facebook Group

Creator Julian Smith engaging with community member post

Creator Gabriella Guevara prompting engagement from community by using a hashtag

Creator Demi Bagby welcoming members to her Facebook group

Creator Aubrie Edgington promoting a new app feature to her Facebook community

Creator Aubrie Edgington shouting out community members

Creator Aubrie Edgington teasing an upcoming challenge

Creator Aubrie Edgington promoting new lifestyle content in her app

Creator Aubrie Edgington encouraging community engagement by starting a conversation