How the New 7-Day Free Trial Can Help You

We are replacing the standard $1 for one month offer for new users with a 7-day free trial to get money in your pocket faster (yay!).

Why the switch?

  • Data shows that users only need 7 days to try a product and make a decision.

  • Users tend to be more attentive during shorter trials and are more likely to convert to paying users.

  • You get paid faster - you can make money from new fans in 7 days instead of 30!

What is changing:

  • As of October 6, new subscriptions no longer start with the $1 discount. We have already started switching things over. You may notice annual trials have a free trial already.

  • New users can start a free trial after entering credit card information and selecting a monthly or annual plan to begin on day 8.

  • Your sales landing page will automatically be updated to reflect the changes.

  • If you have a premium sales page, we will be in touch with you with more information about updating it.

What you need to do:

You should audit your social media channels to identify where you mention $1 for one month (link in bio, IG app highlights, social banners, etc.).


  • Try 7 days free

  • Start 7-day free trial

  • Try for free

  • Start free trial

Take some time to reassess your channel. Do you have everything you need to hook a user in 7 days?

Once the free trial language is live on your sales page — promote the deal! Tell all of your followers on social media that they can now try your app FREE for 7 days. If you need a refresher on promo ideas, click here.


Can subscribers take advantage of discounts along with the free trial?

No, discounted subscriptions will not start with a free trial.

Can subscribers restart their free trial if they have canceled previously?

No, renewals and resubscribing do not start with a free trial.

What happens when a user upgrades during a free trial?

Upgrading a subscription during a trial will cancel the trial and start the premium subscription.