How Gifting Workouts Can Help You Get More App Subscribers

You know that your app subscribers can give their friends and family the gift of health and wellness by sending them a free workout from your app by gifting workouts. But did you know that you can also gift workouts to your Instagram followers and email subscribers in order to get more app users? Here’s what you need to know.

Why You Should Gift Free Workouts to Market Your App

Users can redeem a maximum of five gifted workouts, so teasing your app with free workouts is the perfect way to market your app to your Instagram followers and email subscribers who are not yet subscribed to your app. A tease of what they’ll get by subscribing to your app in the form of a full workout just might be what they need to convert.

We recommend offering free workouts via the consumer app gifting feature at least once a month. Incorporate it into your marketing strategy at the beginning of every month in order to boost your subscribers!

Here’s how it works.

How to Gift Workouts Using the Consumer App

1. Open up the Playbook consumer app and click on the workout you’d like to gift your followers

2. Tap the gift icon in the upper right corner

3. Select “Copy link”

Note: When your followers click the gift link, they’ll be prompted to download the Playbook consumer app (or open it, if they have it already). Giftees will then sign up or log in to unlock the workout.

How to Market Gifted Workouts on IG

Take the link you just copied above and share it in an Instagram Story. Your followers can then click the link to redeem the free gifted workout.

We also recommend creating an Instagram Feed post that encourages your followers to click your Instagram Story to download the free workout from your app for a limited time only!

Here’s some sample copy you can customize to promote your gifted workouts in your Instagram Feed caption:

  • Want to work out with me for FREE? Click my IG Stories to get a full free workout from my app powered by Playbook.

  • Try one of my new Workouts of the Week! I’m sharing a full workout for free so you can try out my Playbook app. Check out my Stories for the link!

  • My brand new ab workout is 🔥! I’m so excited about this one that I want to gift you my workout for free. Try my Playbook app at no cost — click my IG Stories to find the link!

How to Market Gifted Workouts in Your Emails

If you have an email marketing list of people who are interested in your app but aren’t yet subscribed (and you should, read more on that here!), then gifting free workouts is an excellent way to convert those interested folks into app subscribers.

Follow the steps outlined above to get the link for your free workout, then paste it into your Mailchimp template as a CTA button to download the free workout.

Here are a few examples of CTAs you can include as buttons in your marketing emails to get your subscribers to click and try your free workout:

  • Yes, I want a free workout! 💪

  • Redeem my gift 🎁

  • Work out for free 🔥

  • Meditate with me for free 🧘

  • Sweat with me 💦

Creator Examples

Check out how Playbook creators have used the gifting workout feature in order to get their Instagram followers and email list to subscribe to their fitness app:

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