How to Upload Long-Form Videos & Create a Class


  • Long-form videos include guided workouts like spin, yoga, and Pilates

  • You need to upload workouts first, then create a class and choose the videos from your library to add to that class

  • The steps outlined in this article can be completed in the creator app or on a desktop using the admin panel

Here, we’re covering the how-tos for uploading long-form videos your subscribers will love and creating classes with those workouts.

What is a “Long-Form” Video?

Remember, long-form videos are longer than 45 seconds and include primarily videos shot in landscape mode for your subscribers to follow along. Think guided workouts like spin, yoga, and Pilates.

For more on the differences between long-form (class) and short-form (clip) videos, read this article.

How to Upload Long-Form Videos in the Creator App

Note: You have to upload a video to the video library, then create a class (more on that below) and choose videos to add to that workout from your video library.

  1. Go to your video library

  2. Tap on “Upload”

  3. Select a video
    Remember, long-form videos should be shot in landscape mode (horizontal videos!)

  4. Enter a video title, then tap “Next”

  5. Upload the video
    It can take up to 30 minutes to upload a video, but you can leave the app during this time. To check on your upload status, pull down to refresh.

How to Create a Class in the Creator App

  1. Tap on the “+” button and select the “Class” template

  2. Tap on “Add Video”

  3. Select a video from your library of uploads

  4. Fill out the class description
    Optional, but highly recommended: Upload an intro video!

  5. Click “Create”

Long-Form Content Best Practices

  • Create an optimal environment with natural light and minimal noise

  • Use a tripod, microphone headset and ring light to improve the quality of recordings. Here are a few recommended products:
  • Film against solid backgrounds (we recommend using whtie and light colors)

  • Have a clear view of your workout space in the recording

  • Tighten in on the body as much as possible (at least 90% of the screen)

  • Film in landscape (horizontal videos!)

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