How to Market Your App on TikTok: Bailey Nomi Case Study


  • Include a call-to-action to download your app in your TikTok bio — and make sure your sales landing page is listed first in your Linktree

  • Engage with your followers on a daily basis by responding to comments on your posts

  • Remind followers of the value and price of your app while pointing them to your bio to download your app

Having a robust social media presence is essential to your success as a creator. We’ve covered the essentials of how to market your app on TikTok, and to dive in even further, we’re going to share a creator case study to further demonstrate how to market yourself on the platform.

Creator Bailey Nomi is a barre and yoga fusion instructor who helps her clients get to know their bodies intimately. She uses her social platforms, namely TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, to promote body positivity, along with her app. Let’s take a closer look at how she promotes her app on TikTok!

Optimize Your Profile

When it comes to marketing your app on TikTok, it’s essential to include a call-to-action for your app in your bio. This is essential to draw potential customers in and start moving them through your sales funnel.

Notice how Bailey includes a CTA to download her app, which is then the top link in her Linktree. Remember, your sales page should never be more than one to two clicks away!

Optimize Your Content

TikTok is known for being fun and engaging, but it’s also great for business: nearly 50% of users report they’ve made a purchase after seeing something advertised, reviewed, or promoted on the app.

Check out the many ways in which Bailey optimizes her TikTok content in order to always bring it back to her app:

App Promotion

Bailey promoting her app pre-launch in her TikTok comments:

Marketing the value and price of her app by engaging with individual comments:

Promoting her app in a pinned comment:

A+ Engagement

Bailey does an excellent job of engaging with followers in the comments on her posts.

In the post below, notice how her pinned comment is pushing her followers to download her app for her full program, while also asking them what type of content they want to see from her in the future.

In this example, Bailey thanks a follower for downloading her app and encourages the consumer to message her in the app with any questions:

In the below example, Bailey responds to a follower question about her app:

Use TikTok’s Creator Features

TikTok’s Q&A feature allows creators to engage with users by answering their questions and pinning them to their profile. This is a great way to provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Similarly, creators can ask their own questions for followers to answer. This is a great way to discover what workouts your fans are enjoying most so you can create more of that content on your app for maximum engagement!

Here’s What You Can Learn From This

  • Keep engagement high by liking and responding to comments daily.

  • Always bring it back to your app! Remind followers of the value and price of your app and point them to your Linktree to download your app.

  • Show off your personality and embrace trends. While the majority of Bailey’s TikTok posts are related to yoga, barre, and her app, she also occasionally provides her followers with lifestyle content and embraces trends by using popular music and sounds.