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If you're not promoting on TikTok, you should be!

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TikTok is the hottest new social media platform that has seriously changed the game for creators, brands, and everyone in between. It’s opened up doors for increased engagement and gives anyone with any following the potential to reach massive audiences. When it comes to promoting your app on TikTok, creativity is key.

Videos on TikTok have big viral potential because, unlike with other social media platforms, the TikTok homepage isn’t limited to content from users you follow. Instead, it features a never-ending stream of videos that TikTok’s algorithm thinks each user will enjoy. Because of this, your videos could land in front of many new faces whether or not they follow you yet, making it an incredible tool for growth and visibility!

That’s why it’s so important to regularly promote your app on TikTok. But If you’re new to the platform or at a loss for creative ways to plug yourself and your app, we’ve got you covered. Here are five fun and easy ways to incorporate app promotion into your TikTok content.

1. Demonstrate a Quick Workout


No equipment just bodyweight. ##jparkfit ##chestday ##workout ##fitness

♬ Ocean Prime (feat. Coi Leray) - Coi Leray & Bfb Da Packman

Share a quick workout video that viewers can easily follow along with. To summarize the entire workout in under 60 seconds, record yourself demonstrating each move, edit them together, and add text to explain the suggested time or number of reps for each. Before the video’s end, add text or a voiceover that says “Download my app for more workouts like this one” and share a similar call to action in the caption. Make sure to have your app link in your bio so people know where to find it and subscribe.

2. Share Essentials for Working Out at Home


    Took a long time to get everything but these have all been so helpful with my #homefitness routine! #fitnesslife #workoutessentials 🙌🏻💕

    ♬ Coming In Hot - Andy Mineo & Lecrae

    Home workout tips have never been more appreciated. Record a TikTok video from home that lists your essentials for getting in a good workout without going to the gym. The list can include workout equipment, pre- and post-workout necessities, and anything else you find useful. Most importantly, include your app as an item on the list, explaining how it provides workouts and programs that can be completed from home, along with so much more.

    3. Share an Easy, Healthy Recipe


      ##howto ##smoothie ##foryoupage ##gains

      ♬ original sound - Morgan Dawson Fitness

      If you have recipes or nutrition plans included with your app, record yourself making one of them and edit it together for TikTok. At the end of your video, be sure to add text, a voiceover, or a clip of yourself saying “Download my app for more recipes like this one” and share a similar call to action in the caption.

      4. Hop on a Simple Trend


        RIP MacBook 💻 you were a trusty friend indeed. Too bad I could not uphold that standard. 😵 ##fyp ##gymfail ##ohno

        ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

        When scrolling through TikTok, you’ll notice a lot of repetition. Sounds and songs “trend” with an associated action or joke, and creators all over TikTok remake those trends in slightly new ways that relate to them and their niche. Keep an eye on what’s trending by watching TikTok videos by other creators, always thinking about how the most current trends could be applied to you and your app. For example, the above TikTok trend could be used for app promotion with the text “Realizing anyone can access my workouts, programs, nutrition plans, and more for just 27 cents a day.”

        5. Share Clips from the Programs on Your App


          Link in bio to train with me❤️ @playbookapp #playbookapp #athlete #modeltrain #model #fitness #fit #fitgirl

          ♬ We Rise Against (Full) - Jonathan Paulsen

          The simplest way to promote your app on TikTok is to edit together existing footage that was taken for your app. You already did the work and filmed it, right? Might as well use it in more than one way! Add fun, trending music and include text or a voiceover that explains the footage is from a new program or workout on your app, how to download it, how much it costs, what else is included with it, etc.

          230 A1679

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