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You don’t have to wait long to become a content creator. Playbook’s user-friendly interface, extensive training resources, and top-tier technology makes it easy to have your own app in just two days.

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Revenue split: You keep

Minus 3% credit card processing fees

You keep 80% of the revenue. No hidden fees.

Unlike other fitness platforms, Playbook creators earn 80% of each subscription and own 100% of their content. Plus, there are no hidden fees — being on Playbook is 100% FREE.

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What can I offer my fans on Playbook?

We give you the best-in-class technology so you can give your fans everything they need.

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Playbook provides all the tools for your subscription business

Earn income doing what you do best — creating content. We have built everything with you, and your success, in mind.

  • We handle all customer support, 24/7

  • We work directly with you to build your brand

  • We’re a full time partner — Ask us anything, any time

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