Social Media Marketing Strategy: Boost Your Business With These 4 Tips

Learn how to make social media marketing a habit with tips from fitness power-couple, Juice & Toya.

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By April 18, 2022


You created a fitness app because you have expert knowledge to share with your audience. Your platform has the potential to grow a community of like-minded individuals who share health and wellness goals, and the best way to accomplish this is by having a solid social media marketing strategy in place.

While social media marketing can sometimes feel overwhelming, we chatted with Julius White and LaToya Johnson — better known as Juice & Toya — to talk about all things social media marketing. Here are their expert tips!

Know What You’re Selling

When creating a post for social media, it’s important to think about what you are sharing and why. For example, are you trying to attract new customers? Are you marketing a new program you created for your app?

Juice & Toya say that it’s important to have a goal in mind of what you want to achieve with a given post, then you can then build the post around that goal.

“We try to do something quick and exciting to catch people's attention because scrolling on social media, it is so easy to scroll past and miss certain things,” Juice says. “If you want to sell something, you have to get people to see it.”

“When we create the idea, we try to keep the pieces moving, so your attention is constantly being grabbed,” Toya says.

Go for Quality Over Quantity

It can be helpful to create a weekly post schedule to make marketing your app a habit, and trial and error will show you what works best for your unique business. What’s worked for Juice & Toya is focusing on the quality of their posts rather than the quantity.

“We used to try to post often throughout the week, but we found that putting a lot more quality into the videos — minimal times a week — is more beneficial,” Juice says.

Juice & Toya take the time to create high-quality marketing videos for their social media channels, and they now post these a few times a week instead of posting every day as they had in the past.

Here’s a great example:

“The motivation for us is that less is more, so instead of having to think of a post every single day or week, [we take our] time with more quality pieces and post a few of those a week,” Toya says.

Juice & Toya believe that when you create quality content — rather than just more content — you also begin to learn what your audience wants to see more of.

Teach Yourself, If Needed

While you may not have a background in video creation and editing, all you need to have is the motivation to learn and the patience to experiment until something sticks with your audience. Juice says he learned how to edit his videos by watching other YouTube videos. He would then find a post he liked or a style of editing he wanted to try, and he would implement that in his next post.

Patience and practice are everything, according to Juice & Toya, when it comes to developing your social media marketing strategy. “[When I’m] learning something new in editing, I want to go create a post so that I can put that skill to use to keep practicing,” Toya says. “That’s something that motivated us to post more consistently; we are always trying to learn new things when it comes to editing.”

“The big key here is patience; a lot of people try to learn and get discouraged because it’s not clicking immediately, but if you stay patient with it, it will come,” Juice says. “You should always want to learn and grow, expand your craft.”

Be Authentic & Know Your Audience

When you’re marketing a new online business, you may not know who your target audience is right away, and that’s OK. As you work to understand your audience, it is vital to keep your content authentic to who you are and your brand, and the right audience will follow.

“A lot of people follow the same sort of route and think if it’s working for one person, it must work for me,” Juice says. “But find a way to give people what they want to see [in your own unique style], and that is a successful way to grow and make it your own.”

Learning your audience is the first step, according to Juice. The second step, he says, is to focus on your audience — and what they want — rather than making it all about you. Approach your audience in a way that shows you want to help them and provide them with something valuable — your app! — and the more likely you’ll be to convert those followers into paying customers.

Juice & Toya believe that building a community takes time and “if you are creating content that you enjoy making, it makes the process a lot smoother,” Toya says.

Keep these tips in mind as you are creating and marketing your content on social media. Soon enough, your community and subscriber base will grow!

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