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we’re Playbook,

and we're in the business of serving content creators. What does that mean? We have built the best technology, consumer-facing platform, and customer support team to give you all the tools you need to grow a successful subscription business in the health and wellness space. All of this is great news if you're a Playbook user and fan too! We've created the top platform for you to receive the best-in-class wellness content straight to your phone for one low monthly price.

Who we are

Our story

We believe fitness is the driving factor to success in life. The discipline, motivation, self-confidence, and healthy habits you develop from exercising are foundational tools to use in your career, personal life, and beyond.

We know the best way to help people enact positive change in their lives is through real, motivating creators (trainers, instructors, and athletes) rather than a brand. As life-long athletes ourselves, we wanted to give people access to the best coaches in the world to make the biggest impact.

We developed an environment for creators to thrive — content ownership, seamless tools, and a compelling business model to help them grow their own subscription businesses. And we're not stopping there; with new technology and new educational tools, we strive to make Playbook the go-to destination for creators to build their fitness empire and for fans to improve their lives.

What we stand for

Our values

  • We are committed to creators.

    We aim to give all health, fitness, and athletic creators on our platform the resources they need to successfully launch and run their own subscription business.

  • We are passionate about wellness.

    Our creators make wellness accessible to the average person. Exercise, meditation, and nutrition are all pillars for a healthy, happy life, and we’re proud to be providing the platform.

  • We are innovative & determined.

    We strive to bring the best technology and resources to our creators and fans. We are constantly updating our app with the latest and greatest features.

  • We support diversity.

    We’re all different. And it’s those differences in thought and perspective that allow us to succeed.

  • We care about the little things.

    We provide you with all the technology, content, and customer support you need to grow your business.

  • We pride ourselves on quality.

    If you’re not loving Playbook, we want your feedback and we promise we will find a solution.

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