How the Pros Create a Successful Program


  • Create a promo video to tease your new program and share it to your social media channels

  • If you want to start promoting your program on social media, but need more time to create the workouts, use the title “Coming Soon” and upload a short intro video

  • Promote your new program on social media to create excitement and drive attention to your app

We have shared how to create a program and included a few best practices to follow when doing so, but if you are looking for some more inspiration, here are a few great creator examples! It is always helpful to see some inspiration to push your app to the next level.

Program Examples

Devon Levesque’s “Shred 2.0”

Boss Everline’s “The Foundation 4WK”

Demi Bagby’s “4W Home Program”

Sarati Body’s “HOME”

Introducing Your Program

Tease a New Program — Create a program in-app titled “Coming Soon”

Program Promo Video

Promoting Your Program on Social Media

Sarati Body — Instagram Feed Post

Demi Bagby — Instagram Feed Posts

Devon Levesque — Instagram Story Post