How to Create a Program

Whether you choose to launch with a program or not, you should build your channel over time to have three to five programs to keep your subscribers interested and engaged. Learn how to create a program, plus best practices to follow, here.

What Are Programs?

Programs are workouts that are organized into weeks and days, and should be executed in a particular order. Think, for example, “4-Week Shred Program” or “4-Week Home Program.”

Categories, on the other hand, organize workouts by type, like focusing on a specific muscle group or using a particular piece of equipment (more on categories here!)

Remember, programs and categories are types of collections.

To better break this down visually, here’s what each content type looks like in the consumer app:

In the example above, you can see that creator Aubrie has:

  • Challenge: Back @ It Challenge

  • Program: Shaped at Home

  • Categories: Core & Abs, Follow-Along, and HIIT/Cross Training

When to Use Programs

Programs are ideal for fans who want structured content. These fans:

  • Enjoy guided fitness content

  • Need to be motivated (by you!)

5 Steps to Create Programs in the Creator App

Before publishing any workouts under a program, you need to create a program first!

  1. Click the “+” at the top of your channel page

  2. Select the “Program” option for the collection type

  3. Fill out all of the program information including the program structure:

    • Week/Day: Workouts are assigned a specific day and week (i.e. W1 D1, W1 D2…)

    • Series: Workouts are simply chronologically ordered (1, 2, 3…)

  4. Select “More Settings” to add an intro video, program description, up to seven keywords about your program, and program FAQs. While these are optional we recommend filling all the fields out to give your subscribers the best, most thorough experience possible.

  5. Click "Add Collection"

How to Add Workouts Into Your Program in the Creator App

After you’ve created your program, you can add workouts to it! You can either:

  • Publish new workouts or

  • Repurpose existing workouts

To add new workouts, follow the steps outlined for creating short-form workouts here or long-form workouts here.

To repurpose existing workouts, follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate the workout by clicking on “Workouts” at the top of your channel. Then, select any existing workout under “Published” and click “Duplicate.”
  2. The workout will be copied to your drafts. Scroll over to “Drafts” and click on the workout, then select “Publish.” You can then choose to add a push notification and select the program you want to add the workout to.

How to Create Programs Quickly

To create programs quickly, and build out the second, third, and fourth weeks of your program efficiently, duplicate and republish workouts that are currently in your exercise library (or even workouts you’ve archived).

  • Once you’ve created the first week of your program by following the steps outlined above, duplicate each workout to create your workouts for any additional weeks.

    Note: When you click the “Duplicate” button, your duplicated workout will be saved under “Drafts.” You can then edit those workouts and change the titles, if necessary.
  • Continue the duplication and renaming process until you have your full program completed.

  • After you’ve outlined your full program, go in and edit any video descriptions as needed.

6 Program Tips & Best Practices

  1. The ideal program length is four weeks.

  2. Start with either a gym or at-home program.

  3. Make sure to choose the appropriate program type (Week/Day or Series) to make your program easy to follow.

  4. Create an intro video to help fans understand what’s in the program.

  5. Use these Canva templates for your program cover images.

  6. Use the exercise library to add existing workouts to programs.

Program Examples

If you’re still in need of inspiration, check out these great creator program examples!

Devon Levesque's “Shred 2.0”

Demi Bagby's “4W Home Program”

Boss Everline's “The Foundation 4WK”

Sarati BODY's “HOME”

Playbook’s Creator Services

If you find yourself stuck creating content for your app, we’re here to help!

We understand that content creation can be time consuming and you might not have enough hours in the day. That’s why we offer a number of Playbook Creator Services, including Program Design and Program Buildout.

With these two services, we'll create a four- to six-week program around the theme of your choice and build it out for you in the app from start to finish.