How to Create Categories


  • Categories are used to group similar workouts around a particular body part (like abs, chest, and back)

  • Create a Category in the creator app by clicking the “+” at the top of your channel page

  • Once you create a Category, you can republish workouts you’ve created for the Feed and other Programs into your Category

Once you’ve created your first five workouts, you need to start thinking about your content strategy. And once you’ve built your content base, you’ll want to start branching out — and that’s where Categories come into play.

What Are Categories?

A Category allows you to bucket one-off workouts into easy-to-navigate descriptions.

But that sounds like a Feed workout? Nope! Your Feed is made up of 10 workouts, and is great for daily or weekly workouts. A Category workout stays up as long as you want and is generally organized around a specific body part.

A Feed workout is a one-off workout that does not have a Category assigned to it. A Category workout is tagged and bucketed under that tag.

To better break this down visually, here’s what each content type looks like in the consumer app:

In the example above, you can see that creator Aubrie has:

  • Program: Shaped at Gym

  • Category: Core & Abs

  • Challenge: Back @ It Challenge


When to Use Categories

Categories are ideal for fans who want unstructured content. These fans:

  • Like to pick and choose workouts

  • Are self-motivated

We recommend the following:

  • Month 1: Create two Categories by repurposing exercises from the Feed and adding some new ones

  • Month 2: Add a third Category to your channel

4 Steps to Create a Category in the Creator App

Before you publish any workouts under a Category, you need to create a Category!

  1. Scroll to the far right and click the “+” at the top of your channel page

  2. Select the “Category” option for the collection type

  3. Add a Category title

  4. Click “Submit"

How to Add Workouts Into Your Category in the Creator App

After you’ve added this Category, you can add workouts to it! You can either:

  • Publish new workouts or

  • Repurpose existing workouts into Categories

To add new workouts, follow the same steps we outline in how to create a Program — just choose the Category option as the collection type when you get to step two.

To repurpose existing workouts, follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate the workout by selecting any existing workout listed under “Published” and clicking “Duplicate”
  2. Go to your archive and republish that workout to your Category by clicking on “Archive” and then selecting “Re-publish”

3 Category Tips & Best Practices

  1. Use Categories for workouts that focus on the same thing — like a certain muscle group or similar themes
    - Examples: Abs, chest, back, cardio, HIIT, etc.
  2. Don’t know what Categories to create? Ask your subscribers on Instagram what workouts they’d like to see!

  3. Make sure each Category has more than five exercises included to keep your subscribers interested and sweating.

Category Examples

If you’re still in need of inspiration, check out these great creator category examples!

Sarati’s Booty, Core, and Full Body workouts

FitGurlMel’s Booty + Legs, Full and Upper Body, and Abs workouts

Devon Levesque’s Upper Body, Lower Body, and Abs workouts

Magnus Lygdback’s Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core + HIIT workouts