Content Strategy: What We Know Works


  • You’re creating content for two types of customers — those who want structured content like Programs and Challenges, and those who want unstructured content, like Categories and the Feed

  • To start, we recommend one to three Programs and two to three Categories

  • You need to develop a regular publishing cadence — we recommend posting a new workout to your Feed weekly, creating a new Program or Category monthly, and doing a Challenge quarterly

When consumers purchase a subscription app, they expect fresh, new content on a regular basis — and it’s up to you to deliver! While it may seem overwhelming at first to continually crank out new content, strategy is everything, and we’re here to guide you.

Understanding Your Audience

Every creator has two types of customers. It’s important to understand both and cater your content to each.

1. Those who want structured content:

  • Want to follow a program with an end goal in mind
  • Programs and Challenges are best for these fans

2. Those who want unstructured content:

  • Like to pick and choose workouts

  • Categories and The Feed are best for these users

Adding New Content to Your App

The most successful creators start with a base bundle of content (after five workouts), then add new content frequently.

Base Content

To get started, your base content should cater to the two customer types we just discussed. You’ll want to create a few programs and categories for each.

We recommend:

  • One to three Programs

  • Two to three Categories (created from those programs)

An example:

  • 4-Week Shred Program
    • W1/D1

    • W1/D2

    • W1/D3

    • W1/D4

    • W1/D5

    • W1/D6

  • Abs
    • 30-Minute Abs

    • 15-Minute Bodyweight Abs

    • 30-Minute Cardio + Abs

Fresh Content

Once your base content is nailed down, you need to develop a strategy for keeping your content fresh. The key to a successful subscription business is to always offer your fans something new!

Our most successful creators develop and stick with a regular publishing cadence. For example, if you’re posting daily workouts, communicate that to your fans and stick with it.

What we recommend:

  • Weekly: Post a workout of the week to your Feed

  • Monthly: Create a new Program or Category

  • Quarterly: Create a new Challenge

For more tips, check out our Content Checklist, with our recommendations for creating your 30-, 60-, and 90-day content roadmap. And if you need a refresher, read about how to add more value to your app here.