How to Add Nutrition Content to Your App

Nutrition is an important pillar of your app’s content strategy. You are sharing workouts and fitness tips with your fans, but you are also here to inspire them to live an overall healthy lifestyle, which includes nutrition.

Creating a nutrition video series is a great way to share all the healthy living and healthy eating tips and tricks you follow on a daily basis. This series will allow you to share what your meal plan looks like day-to-day, educate your users on nutrition, and more. You can even include your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

Nutrition Video Series Ideas

You can create one or many videos series centered around nutrition. Ask your followers what info they want to see!

  • Recipe Ideas: If you cook on a daily basis, write down what you eat and create recipes for each meal. Then, film yourself preparing those meals for your app users. You can share recipes you eat every day, recipes you love, or recipes that you think users will enjoy.

  • Nutrition Fundamentals: Create a video series sharing the nutrition fundamentals you believe are the most important. Share your healthy lifestyle tips with your subscribers, showing them what is important for staying healthy and fit.

  • Nutrition Mindset: Keeping a healthy mindset is key to eating right, so sharing the ways you create positive, healthy habits when it comes to nutrition can be incredibly beneficial for your fans. You can film yourself sharing tips, tricks, and friendly reminders for staying on track.

    How to Create a Nutrition Video Series

    Creating a video series is super easy! To create a nutrition video series, build it like you would a program using the steps outlined here for creating long-form videos.

    Playbook Nutrition Guide Creator Services

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    Nutrition Video Series Examples

    FitGurlMel's “Macros Class” and “Whateva it’s Edible

    Nick Bare’s “Nutrition Course

    Brynley Joyner’s “Recipes

    Morgan Tyler’s “Munchies

    Aubrie Edgington’s “Kitchen Talks