How to Talk About Your App on Social Media

As a content creator and fitness trainer, we know you’re excited to combine the two and share your new app on your social media channels. However, you want to promote your app in a strategic way that is specific to your target audience on each given platform.

While your audience should be the same on each platform, the way in which you reach them can differ from platform to platform. Knowing your social media platform is just as important as knowing your audience. So, before we get into how to interact with your followers, let’s go over the top four platforms we think you need to be on and why.


Facebook is the leading social media platform, reaching 59% of social media users, so you’ll want to utilize this platform for your subscription business.

  • Create a Facebook group to engage with your subscribers.

  • Post updates about your app to this community, hold an open forum for discussion, and create a safe space for your subscribers to interact.

  • Go live on Facebook and talk about your app and its features.


Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users globally, so you should take full advantage of this and be sure to post consistently on a regular basis.

  • Share your app in Instagram posts and Stories to show your excitement. Authenticity is key here!

  • Use images and videos to walk your followers through your app.

  • Your captions should tell a story. Don’t be afraid to use longer captions to share more with your followers and remember to stay authentic to yourself and your brand.


The average TikTok user spends 52 minutes on the app a day, which means you have a great opportunity to capture potential customers.

  • Post a 15-second clip, 60-second video, or 3-minute video depending on what you want to share with your audience.

  • Be sure to use a trending sound or song along with the video you are sharing.

  • Include hashtags to reach a larger audience.


Seventy-two percent of people used YouTube to exercise or keep fit in 2020, which means that posting sneak peeks of your workouts could lead to more subscribers.

  • Introduce your app by walking your subscribers through your app.

  • Film short sneak peeks of in-app workouts to tease the programs you feature and leave viewers wanting more.

Now, here are a few ways you can talk about your app on social media to drive app downloads.

4 Ways to Talk About Your App on Social Media

There is no right or wrong way to share your app with your followers. Try different techniques or approaches and see how your audience reacts. There will be a trial and error period when it comes to determining what works best for you and your followers. The goal is to promote your app by interacting and engaging with your audience.

1. Introduce Yourself & the App

People love authenticity! Introduce your app in a way that you would show a friend or family member. The more you can talk about it as if you are talking to someone you know, the likelier your followers will be engaged. Show it off! You worked hard to create this app and the workouts on it, so share this with your followers.

Here’s a great example from creator Aubrie Edgington’s Instagram feed:

2. Demonstrate the Goals of the App

After you have introduced yourself and the app, take it one step further and demonstrate what your app does. A great way to talk about your app on social media is by allowing photos and videos to speak for you.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Post some behind-the-scenes workout pictures and sneak peek videos, and tell your followers what they will achieve by signing up for your app.

  • Post a carousel of videos on Instagram where you share sneak peeks of different exercises that are featured in your app, as this is a great way to boost engagement and keep your followers curious about what is going to be in your app.

  • Post screenshots of your app to Instagram and Facebook, videos of a screengrab of you scrolling through the app to YouTube or TikTok, or photos of you in the gym that relate to your app.

  • Create an Instagram Story highlight and pin any app-related content there with the sign-up link to your app.

  • Use a trending TikTok song to create a fun video where you tease a workout move from your app.

3. Ask & Answer Questions

Introducing a new project to your followers is going to produce lots of questions. Be open with your followers and host a Q&A with them over Instagram Stories, or go live on TikTok to answer questions. Tell your followers you will be answering any and all questions they have about your app for the next hour and let them take the lead. Answer with honesty, show your excitement and keep the conversation open. You can record yourself answering the same questions, or new ones, and post a YouTube video where you talk in-depth about your app. An open conversation with your audience is the best way to keep them engaged and interested.

Here’s a great example from creator Pineapple Brat, who uses the question feature on Instagram Stories to engage with her followers:

4. Respond to DMs

Some of your followers may not want their questions aired to thousands of other people and direct messaging may be their preferred course of action. If you receive DMs from your followers regarding your app, be sure to check your messages daily and answer as soon as you can. This shows your followers you care about them and are happy to provide one-on-one support. Responding to feedback is important during this process and it gives you the chance to interact with more potential customers, which could lead to them choosing to download your app.

The ultimate goal is to keep engagement on your social channels high. This is possible if you put in the time and effort on a routine basis to make marketing your app a habit. Interact with your followers, post daily, remember to check your DMs, and show your followers you care about them and their opinions. Talking about your app on social media regularly will help drive engagement as well as downloads!