How to Get Killer Testimonial Videos (& Why They’re Essential to Your Marketing Strategy)


  • Use video testimonials from customers to build trust and demonstrate authority

  • Ask existing customers to record brief video testimonials answering six simple questions

  • Share video testimonials across social media

User testimonials are an essential component of social proof. We’ve shared the importance of compiling written user testimonials on your Instagram Stories, but now it’s time to take things one step further with video testimonials.

Why Video Testimonials Are Essential

Sharing video testimonials from current, happy customers is a great way to build trust with your existing audience, demonstrate your authority to potential customers, and get more sales!

This type of social proof lets potential subscribers know just how great your app is. Video testimonials are an important form of social proof to implement into your marketing strategy because your followers are essentially doing the marketing for you!

How to Get Killer Video Testimonials

If you want video testimonials, you have to ask your existing customers for them! Create a post in your Facebook group and Playbook’s in-app stories asking for video testimonials. You can also respond to DMs you receive in-app and via Instagram and ask your top users to create a video testimonial.

We recommend creating a habit by asking for testimonials at least once a month as part of your marketing and community-building efforts. Eventually, you want to have at least six video testimonials in your arsenal.

Note: You’re going to need to put your CTA out there several times before you get any responses, so don’t be discouraged. To really motivate your users, consider sweetening the deal by offering a small prize or token to those who make a video testimonial!

Tell your customers you are looking for amazing clients (like them!) to share their experience using your app by creating a brief two-minute testimonial video. This form of social proof is a win-win: your subscriber feels good being in the spotlight, and you feel good because their endorsement will help you find more paying customers!

You can ask for testimonials by creating a text-based post, which you can then share in your Facebook group and in Playbook’s in-app stories.

Note: You can also use a tool like VideoAsk to record a video of yourself and share a link to get responses directly with ease. If you opt for using VideoAsk, just remove the email submission line from the script to follow.

Video Testimonial Script

Here’s a script you can customize and use to ask for video testimonials:

Hey, guys!

I’m so thankful for your continued support and I am so appreciative that you’re part of my app and community. I would love to share your wins to find more awesome people like you to join our fitness community! I would really appreciate it if you would take two minutes to make me a simple video of what it's like to train with me on my app.

Please record your responses to the following questions:

  1. What is your name and how long have you been training with me on my app?

  2. What is the best result or goal you have reached using my app?

  3. What was one expected change or result you’ve achieved since training with me?

  4. What do you like most about my app?

  5. What would you say to someone thinking about joining my app?

  6. Anything else you’d like to share? I.e. a personal story about being part of my app or community?

Here are a few tips for filming your testimonial:

  • Be sure to restate each question in your answer. For example, for question one, start your answer by saying “My name is ____ I have been training with ____ for…….”

  • Hold your smartphone horizontally.

  • Look directly into the lens of the camera while you are speaking.

  • Make sure to smile and film in a quiet, well-lit area.

  • Don’t worry about editing! Just shoot one long video and I will take care of the rest.

After you film your testimonial, please email me the entire unedited clip at (your email address here).

Thank you again so much for taking the time to do this for me and for being a part of my community!

To show you how grateful I truly am for your continued support, everyone who submits a video testimonial by (date) will be entered into a drawing to win a 15-minute one-on-one Zoom call with me! I’ll be drawing a winner on (date).

I can’t wait to hear from you!"

How to Use Video Testimonials in Your Marketing Strategy

So, what do you do with these video testimonials once they’re compiled?

Share them across your social channels like crazy!

Publish them as Instagram Reels, shorten clips to share to Instagram Stories, and share videos in your Facebook group. You can also repurpose video content by pulling quotes from your testimonials and creating text-based images to share on social media.

Creator Examples

Here are a few great examples of video testimonials from creator FitGurlMel:

And here’s an example of how FitGurlMel shared one of these testimonials on Instagram: