How the Pros Launch a Challenge


  • Create a video overview of your challenge and share it in your app and on your social channels

  • Promote your challenge before it launches on your social channels to create excitement

  • Once your challenge begins, continue to promote daily with motivational posts, social proof, and workout tips

We’ve shared how to create a challenge and how to promote your challenge on social media, but just in case you’re in need of some additional inspiration, here are some more excellent creator examples!

Introducing Your Challenge

Tease Your Challenge Before it Launches — In-App

Challenge Intro Video — In-App

Challenge Intro Video — In-App

Challenge Intro Video — EXAMPLE

Promoting Your Challenge on Social Media

Creator Aubrie is a pro at promoting her challenges on social media. Take a look!

Instagram Story — Pre-Challenge

Instagram Feed Post (Caption) — Challenge Day 1

Instagram Story — Motivation & Tips

Instagram Story — Motivation & Social Proof

Instagram Story — Motivation for Start of Week 2

Instagram Story — Motivation for End of Week 2

Instagram Story — Poll

Instagram Story — Facebook Group

Instagram Highlight for Challenge

Instagram Story — Motivation for Last Week of Challenge