The Essential FAQS for Challenges


  • We recommend including at least five challenge FAQs in your app

  • Provide brief, bulleted answers to all questions

  • Remind your subscribers to message you in the app with any additional questions they may have

While not required, we recommend you complete five to 10 FAQs for your challenge. Your subscribers will have questions — spare your inbox by providing bulleted answers like the examples below directly in your app.

Challenge FAQs

Include at least five of the following challenge FAQs in your app!

Note: You can also cover the information in these FAQs in your challenge intro video.

What are the rules of this challenge?

  • Submit your before and after photos by [insert date here]. To submit your before and after photos, [insert submission method here, i.e. tagging you on Instagram, submitting via a form, etc.]. Use #[insert branded hashtag here] to share your progress throughout the challenge!

What are the goals of this challenge?

  • Increase overall lean muscle mass

  • Get lean and burn fat

  • Build core strength

  • Improve posture

  • Improve mental clarity and focus

What do I need to participate in this challenge?

  • You need a gym membership that has standard workout equipment

  • A positive attitude and dedication to completing each workout!

  • No gym equipment required! All exercises can be completed with your own body weight

Who is this challenge best suited for (skill-level)?

  • This challenge is designed for all levels

  • Beginners: go slow, use less weight, use longer rest periods, and focus on form

  • Advanced: increase weight and reps while reducing rest time as you progress

What types of workouts are included in the challenge?

  • Weight training three to four times per week

  • Two days of active rest: When you rest from lifting, you should still remain active. Do HIIT cardio/ab workouts, play sports, go for a hike or a long walk

  • One full rest day

How will I get the best results throughout the challenge?

  • Get proper sleep (seven to nine hours a night is a must)

  • Dedicated nutrition regimen that consists only of wholesome, natural ingredients (get my nutrition guide in “Insights” section of the app)

  • Drink at least eight 8 oz glasses of water daily

  • Make sure to use active and full rest days to allow muscles to recover

  • Ice cold showers in the morning and after workouts are highly recommended

  • Limit processed foods and sugars

How will the challenge winner be selected?

  • I will select a challenge winner based on the best physical transformation throughout the 30 days

What is the grand prize for the challenge winner?

  • One lucky winner will win a $3,000 cash prize and a one-on-one Zoom call with me!

Can I do this challenge at home?

  • Yes! All exercises throughout the four-week challenge can be completed at home using your own body weight (no equipment required)

Are there any modifications for the exercises?

  • Yes! I’ve included modifications in the descriptions for each exercise throughout the challenge. If you need further assistance modifying any workouts, send me a message in the app and I’ll be happy to help!

How can I ask you questions?

  • Message me in the app for any questions you have. I do my best to review all comments and make any recommended changes

Examples of Great Challenge FAQs

Here’s what these FAQs look like in the consumer app:

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