How to Film Challenge Intro Videos


  • Your challenge intro video should summarize the details of your challenge, including types of workouts, necessary equipment, prizes, and how you’ll select a winner

  • Keep your challenge intro video to 60 seconds or less

  • Remember to film your video in portrait mode (think selfie video!) and be welcoming and energetic

You’ve done the hard part of creating your challenge. Remember, challenges are a great way to get new subscribers and build excitement with followers. Another great way to really hook your followers into joining your challenge is by creating an in-app challenge intro video that details exactly what participants can expect.

What to Say

Your challenge intro video should:

  • Welcome users to your challenge

  • Explain what workouts are included in the challenge and what users can expect to achieve by completing it

  • Share any equipment necessary for completing the challenge

  • Discuss the timeframe of the challenge

  • Explain any rules for entering the challenge

  • Share the prizes you’re offering to the challenge winner

  • Inform your users how you’ll be picking a winner

  • Include a CTA for users to share their progress with you on social media (i.e. by tagging you in their Instagram Stories or including a branded hashtag in their posts)

Note: Keep it brief! Your challenge intro video should be 60 seconds or less to inform while keeping your audience’s attention.

Sample Scripts

Use the following script as an example and customize it to fit your challenge.

“Hey, everyone!

Welcome to [Challenge Name]. This is a 4-week challenge designed to build muscle at home using bodyweight, no other equipment necessary.

The challenge consists of five workouts per week that are about 45 minutes each. Try to make time for two active rest days in addition to your workouts. Active rest days mean taking a walk, playing a sport, or doing something else you love that keeps you moving.

To enter the challenge, you must be subscribed to my app and you must submit before and after photos.

Be sure to take a before and after transformation photo and submit them by tagging me on Instagram at @[insert your Instagram handle]. You can also share your workout pictures using #[your custom hashtag], and I will repost your progress pics along the way!

At the end of the 4 weeks, I’ll be selecting one lucky challenge winner! I’ll be giving a $1,000 cash prize to the participant with the best physical transformation.

Make sure to join my Facebook group so you can communicate with other people who are doing the challenge and support one another. I’ll be here motivating you every step of the way throughout this next month. If you have any questions, please leave your feedback in the app.

At the end of these 30 days, you’ll feel more energized, stronger than ever, and truly transformed both mentally and physically.

I know you can do this! Let’s get ready to work!

Examples of Great Challenge Intro Videos

If you’re in need of inspiration, check out these great creator challenge examples in the consumer app!

Aubree Edgington’s “Back at It” Challenge

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Jeremy Park’s “Art of War” Challenge

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Juice & Toya's "Start Now" Challenge

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Tips for Filming

Pick a good film location:

  • No background noise

  • Neutral background

  • Lots of natural light (or purchase a light like this one to help)

Other helpful tips:

  • You MUST film in portrait mode (This means vertical! Think: selfie video)

  • Look presentable and put-together

  • Be welcoming and energetic!

  • Project your voice and speak clearly

  • Have someone film you or purchase a tripod (this will come in handy for filming workouts, too!)